Monday, November 18, 2013

With and Without Internet!

          I have always wanted to do something with what i know from the internet. I mean seriously, i spent too much time on the internet and yet i cant seem to be able to figure out something that i can do that will clearly reveal its all because i had a internet connection and hopefully that will stop my mom from nagging at me. 
So i thought about what i could do, so here they are,

-> Book train tickets = 3 or 4 years ago may be that is something worth mentioning but now every tom, dick and harry with an internet connection and an e-banking enabled bank account can do that

-> Instant Mobile recharge = Well it is not a big thing but something. I mean with an app and balance i could be that knight in shining armour in times of need and it would certainly get appreciation but i cant count on it to happen all the time. I would be bummed if everyone starts asking me that and just that...what! am i a free recharge coupon?

  ->   Flipkart anything and everything = i know its too much to use flipkart as a verb but what can i do? I seem to end up choosing it whenever i want to buy anything. And it did wonders too. I almost got scolded when i bought my first smartphone from mom said "you dont know what the limit is...just because you have an online bank account you shouldnt do such rash things" dad said "If you order online they will just get rid of defectiv pieces by sending you one and it will be damaged during transit"....Whew! It took a lot of me to convince them and finally thanks to Bluedarts contract with flipkart and Flipkarts damage proof packing things were smooth and i got to keep my face. They didnt say a thing when i ordered my next smartphone and couple of other things from it last month :)
      Well back to topic, it is a good thing but too much of it would give me a spoiled kid reputation na? Unlike some idiots i would hate to be recognised that way. I maintained too much of a decent guy style to be that now!

-> Home theatre = I am not talking about sound system ofcourse but downloading latest movies and stuff and put a show of it. yeah i know pirating is bad but admit it who doesn't do it now a days? But these days i cant seem to find good prints of any latest movies (only tollywood...bollywood is a different matter though). They only seem to make a public appearance after coming on tv and since unlike me a lot of people watch movies on tv the first time they come while i am busy doing something else (hey dont judge me now...i follow tollywood, bollywood and hollywood...too much work na? :P) so that is a bummer. Well i tried downloading some devotional songs and that seemed to work a bit

-> Make hotel reservations = Thanks to digitization of some ashrams among other hotels this is a huge blessing for me. Its about the only thing that makes me look good somewhat.

-> Tech guru = Hold on!I am not speaking about myself at all! There are too many tech guru's giving expert advice and reviews about products ranging from toothbrush to cars and heavy trucks and thanks to them i would be able to pull valuable info on any kind of product under discussion.Not to mention the price variation...very handy na? But sometimes....just sometimes it is also a bad thing. Since you get to know too many people's opinions you will see bad in everything!

-> GPS = A new city doesn't scare me as it should and thanks to GPS (well it uses i wont be lost in shady streets like in the movies and will still be able to know the right bus or train to take, the routes of them...inspite of being new. But its not always that good a benefit as the maps are still not that good in many areas and also elder people dont seem to trust it so even if i proposed the way they would want to confirm it anyway and this would be the last much for a benefit

-> Blogging = Oh please! Its not like i am famous or anything and the chances of me getting famous is like finding a needle in a haystack. Literally so...considering the number of blogs that are present on the web.
No-Shave November Victim

-> Career advice = Be it tutorials for new languages and stuff or interview experiences for visa's or prep material for all kinds of exams, the web is the holy bible! But people seem to take it for granted ... like since they went and bought us an electronic device the least we could do is its not really a benefit to be mentioned in this context if you know what i mean

-> Knowing wierd things = Believe me! because of internet i came to know about so many wierd things that i cant possibly count. Like the too bored women who would goo to extremes to dress their cats or catch their cat doing wierd things or a fox-looking dog saying i love you or a buck naked drunk wierd guy painted all over or a No-Shave November challenge...what not?  These are all great conversation starters but there are always two kinds of its always 50-50 chance but if they dont like stuff like that....well! Now you are done for.
Internet of Things
The Internet Of Things

Besides all of these i can only see one good thing which is the Internet of things (IOT) which is an awesome concept and that fulfills all my prerequisites but the problem is unlike in US or UK i am not at the disposal of these things in the Internet of Things. I wish the "Things" be available in India soon but should also be affordable. Oh!What am i dreaming of? How many years would that take??

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