Monday, March 31, 2014

The Arguement!

        This is the first day of April's A to Z challenge and no its not a April fools post, I swear! This challenge as i might have mentioned earlier is very special in that, i am going to write my first novella, and this is my first A to Z challenge. And i am sure this will be the first challenge that i am gonna see through to the end. With that let me kickstart today's post aptly titled for A as 'The Arguement!' and this post starts the Novella titled "The Fury of Raido!".

      It is not every day that silence filled the Order’s command centres. It is the kind of silence that comes before the storm. And surely, a storm is in store for the fate of mankind, if it can still be called that!

    Although, the screen only showed the shadowed images of the directors, the grim expressions of everyone is evident. Thoughts of aggressive propositions and their consequences raced in their minds, for Order is no ordinary organization. They call themselves the driving force of mankind but the ugly truth is that they are the reason for the artificial calamities but they are also the power that subdues them. It is led by the most brilliant, wicked, reckless and radical minds and the world is its lab-rat. It comprises of four infamous people and a mysterious fifth person.

    The mad scientist that has been exiled because of his exposed massacre of human experimentation, The Major who defected the government-alliance with his now private army stationed in international waters, The Spy, nicknamed Radar who is the information back bone of the organization, The greedy Industrialist who is the monitory back bone of the organization form the four Generals of ORDER. It is said that the fifth person, reached out to The Spy who in turn contacted everyone else to form the Order. Not even the inner circle has any idea of the identity of the leader, ‘Mr.O’.

 “What do we do with them?” the leader’s voice finally tore the silence apart.

“It’s time we take constitutional measures! There are still some obedient mutants, we should get to those ignorant fools before the rebellion gets them and turn them into our network! Once the public rejects them fully, they will have nowhere to go. It’s time we force them into the underworld and play this in our arena”.

“We should inject Vi-Tox labels into as many as possible just-in-case. It is better to test its compatibility fully before we use them in real combat. These mutants sure are resistant to common methods of killing. I need to test several of my bio-weapons. The future of their control is in bio-weapons. We also need to be able to tell them apart, or we will end up infiltrated!”

“We need to secure our island bases. Since there has been no contact with the outside world, we can be sure there are no mutants there. Special training should commence on tactics, if we are to expect a revolt. Either way we are short in number and must do something about it!”

“Lets put the word out that, they can be turned back to normal and capture their families. They will be forced to work for us and also act as guinea pigs while their families serve us as slaves in return for not killing them. But this all depends on whether we can control them. So you will find us the solution as soon as possible doc!
There are a few blood-thirsty mutants out there. Let’s capture them and use them against their kind. We will follow the scent of their chaos. To be able to hide from us this well, they must have a system in place. You will infiltrate them and get us what we need Radar.

It’s time we take control of Scyntha. The evil nation will readily accept us. Put the plan in motion Major.

We should keep the secrets of Shinjuku incident and only reveal the destruction to turn the masses.”

“But what do we do with her?“

“You will use all the methods you can think of to bring that power out of her. We need that power!!!”

Who is the mysterious leader behind Order? Who is 'her'? What is the Order upto?

Tune in everyday for more as the story transcends the known world into unknown realms.

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