Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Mysterious Born

A-Z Challenge

      There is chaos in the air everywhere. Feelings of sorrow, pain, hopelessness and desperation flowed in the air. That is until the just-born baby cried. His voice shifted the air. There was no sorrow, or pain or hopelessness anymore but only eagerness filled the air. There was no need to seek any further answers, He was worth it!  ..the trouble parents go through for the sake of their children..

        It was almost one in the dark of a gloomy night but that didn’t stop Ajay from taking a walk on the abandoned road. High on caffeine, he found the mysterious dark of night inspiring and motivating. As he walked along the dimly lit sidewalk he heard a cry. There is no denying it, it’s the cry of a baby. He went closer to the source of the cry though scared, because the weakness of the cry melted his heart. He was devastated when he found the body of a frail baby abandoned in the dark corner of a trash can.  Tears began flowing despite his will upon carrying the baby to the nearest hospital. Since nobody claimed the baby, Ajay signed the forms himself half-heartedly for putting the baby for adoption. There was something about this baby that bothers him. The baby is always crying and only calms down when he was near. Even the nurse said so. How could a baby not even a week old recognize his savior and even sense him? He is beyond moved but he can’t take the baby as his own. He was too young for it and he had a dayjob to worry about. Although reluctantly, he left the baby in the care of a well-known child welfare organization who would take care of him until he is adopted. 

“From today, your name is Carden! It means ‘From the dark fortress. Conquer it carden! ”

Unfortunately, even at the end of first month, nobody wanted this baby who was dumped on the road side. Besides, it seems he is always either crying and no one knows what to do until one day when they decided to inspect his health. Carden was diagnosed to have Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia (ALL) and possible Neuroblastoma. His body is so damaged that doctors are astounded as to how he survived the pain. It is theoretically impossible for children that young to survive such pain that they are already calling him the miracle boy. But, even so, no known treatment could be given to children that young and the treatment can’t be covered by the organizations funds. After all there is only so much that they can do! When all hope is lost a women came forward to adopt carden. Upon being told about the disease of carden, she only said ‘I already know. To survive such pain, it can only means he is destined for great things! I will do everything in my power to get him through this’. The staff is dumbfounded but obliged her request to adopt carden.

“Can I change his name to Rey Carden?”

“I don’t see why you can’t”

“Thank you very much!” she said beaming.

I am linking this post to the Second day of April's A to Z challenge and the post links to the alphabet B for Birth. This is the second installment for the Novella "The Fury of Raido!". You can read the first part 'The Arguement' here.

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