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The boy : A Wednesday prompt

      Its almost 9 pm but karthik is still sulking! Why wouldn't they get him the RS helicopter? He said to himself. Its his birthday but his parents disappointed him by bringing Hotwheels track set. He knew its a good gift but too many of his friends already it! How am i going to brag about it?

   He is an only son and is pampered a lot by his parents. May be he saw too much of their love too soon or may be he took them for granted. He loves then a lot but he cant say the same about his grandparents or other relatives. He didn't see them a lot to begin with. His parents are board members of a popular company so they stayed in Delhi while all their relatives are in relatively small cities. He is rich and he gets what he wanted and he knew it! That's probably why he is never grateful for anything. 
His mom came upstairs to bring him to dinner but he wouldn't come until they pleaded and his mom did exactly that. I can always get it afterwards and my classmates don't need to know! He smiled at his cleverness and came downstairs with his mother.

    His father asked, "Why are you not playing with your gift? Its a limited edition too! Don't you like it?"
Limited edition? I didn't know that yayy, but i want the rc helicopter too..he said to himself and replied.. "I am sad because even though i asked for rc helicopter you bought something else. May be you don't love me that much"..he put his head down.

"I wanted to buy you that only but your mom only selected this! "
"So you will buy me that also then?"

His mom came from the kitchen and said...."may be next year".

They just need a little push. He started rubbing both his hands against his eyes and began crying.

"Don't cry now! Your mom is just teasing you. I am going to buy it tomorrow OK? Now show me your smile".

He wiped his tears and ran to hug his father. Yes they loved him so much!
That night they put him to bed in his favourite Ferrari bed and left for a late night flight for a meeting somewhere. They always did that. He is not surprised when he found out the next morning from his nanny. He knew it has always been for him and they will bring a memorabilia from where they went. Little did he know the flight crash-landed and both their parents died in the accident! He started getting ready for school. Just when he is about to bath his aunty and uncle who lives not far away from them came and his aunty hugged him tightly. None of them dared speak but tears were flowing from his aunty and she just wouldn't let go of him. His uncle rubbed his head with his hand and said...Just 8!what should i say to him?. His voice broken and betrayed. Karthik knew something just wasn't right. He wanted to ask what happened? But words weren't coming out. Its probably because his aunt is crying so badly that he is afraid even to ask. Soon a lot of people came and consoled him. He didn't know why but he was crying anyway. His gifts didn't matter anymore, he just want his parents to come home and tell him that everything is alright...mother..."where is my mother and father?" ..He asked. He didn't know who he is asking but it didn't matter. He asked again and again and last his aunty said they went to another town for a meeting....he didn't believe her! "Then why are you crying?" She couldn't hold it any longer and cried again! His mother was her best friend after all. After sometime they put his parents photo in the hall with a garland around it. He knew what that meant but he just couldn't believe it! He stopped asking! Tears started to flow intensely. He just sat there and cried and cried and cried..he only slept when he could no longer cry. He woke up several hours later and cried again! Its been 10 days already. His grandparents couldn't leave him alone and took him with them. It didn't matter to stay there anymore. His parents are not coming back. Nothing mattered anymore. He never let any others get close to him. He didn't have close friends or cousins. He never gave them a chance. And now his life is but empty.

      After a month, he still felt empty but didn't cry anymore. His grandfather took it as a good sign and joined him into a nearby school. Karthik didn't complain. He got ready in his school uniform and started heading towards school. His grandpa showed him the way the previous day.

On his way, all his old school memories flashed by. He always separated himself from others because he is rich. While everyone cracked jokes with each other he only spoke to them about his new toys or his parents new car and discouraged others from talking to him at all. He decided he want to make some friends this time. He was distracted in his thoughts and didn't notice school passing by. He walked a little further when 2 students stopped him.

"Are you going to Vidhyashram central?" She said
"Yes!" How does she know? It must be the dress code.
"Are you a new student? Late entry?" He asked
"Yes! How did u know?" Are they psychic?
"Because you just crossed our school. Come with us. Which class?"
"3rd standard..."
"Oh our class? Okay come on i will show you the way."

He followed them without speaking anymore. Just when he is about to enter the classroom, he asked "where are the toilets?" She absent mindedly pointed to their right.. "At the end"..she said.

He turned and walked. She put her bag down and sat to take a breath and suddenly realized her mistake. Its the girl's bathroom! She ran towards him. The other student also ran seeing her. Karthik is almost there when a senior student stopped him and said..."Are you going to the toilet?" and started grinning. Why is that funny? Aren't students allowed to go? He started to ask when he felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to see who it is. She said.."shut up! We are going to that water purifier to drink water" pointing to almost hidden water purifier. He gave a look and left. When he left she said "sorry! The gents bathroom is on the opposite side". Oh! So that's it! He said Thanks and smiled. She smiled too and said "what's your name friend?"
"Hi! I am vinisha and that's my brother venu". They don't resemble each other at all but he didn't point out like the old he would have done...instead he looked at them and said to himself...Yes!They are his chance!

        They did everything together. Time seemed to fly when he is with them. They laughed and cracked jokes at each other. They ganged and teased others. It was a lot of fun! An year passed by! Vinisha came first in class and venu second but he came in some tenth place. But he didn't care. After a month, suddenly its their parents death anniversary. He became sad but he told his parents about his friends. He wanted to share his feelings with his friends and quickly came to school. He waited but they didn't come. He felt his heart throb. But he said to himself... They will come tomorrow and i will tell them then!

      The next morning he woke up too early because he couldn't wait to see his friends. Its Saturday, so he wore civil dress. Even though he could wear chappals, he forgot and wore his normal black school shoes. He couldn't think straight! He came to school and waited. They didn't come for the first period. He felt like crying. Then he said to himself...maybe they are playing at our secret place. They used the old city museum which is beyond renovation to play hide and seek. That's right! This is just a game! He thought and ran with his bag to the old building. He called their names but no one responded. He ran and searched all the hiding places. They are not here..

Disappointed he started to come out of the building. Its been a year and nothing changed! Nothing at all! As he  walked out he felt sad, betrayed, helpless. He is about to break into tears. His classteacher saw him walking head downwards towards the classroom.

She is angry at him for going out of school without informing her but she just asked him "what happened?"
"They are not coming!" He said crying..."vinni and venu are not coming". She knew how close they were. She said..."Didn't you know? Vinisha and venu are orphans who are studying here courtesy to some social organization and since they topped they topped the class they were taken to an award function in another city. They will only come on Monday".

So they didn't leave him. He is happy and his eyes gave it away! He hugged her and rubbed his tears off against her saree. She seemed like an angel from heaven. She said..."silly boy! You shouldn't cry like that or i will tell your friends!" He smiled and went back to the classroom happy.

The above post was written for write tribe prompt The boy!

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At first i didn't know what to write. Since its my first story prompt and picture prompt i wanted to give it a good feel and this is what happened!Hope you like it! I also wanted to elevate the importance of non-profit social organizations that are making education possible for a lot of people. If possible please donate and support such organizations. I saw previously when KFC started donating 10 rupees for every order on customers behalf, some people didn't want to. I am not judging but please dont think twice when contributing to a good cause.

All good that you do will come back one way or another!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Ender wonder!

As you know from my previous posts about the reading challenge i have undertaken this, i completed the second book out of pledged 5. The book is Enders game. The book is totally awesome. I read the reprint. The author said she modified some scenes but i dont know which but i am sure it wouldn't have mattered. After a long gap ( of an year) i didn't feel like putting the book down till its over. I read it all the way during the journey but even though i was tired i completed the rest and slept halfway between 3 and 4 in the morning.

Considering that by now all the starship scenario is too familiar i still felt its brilliant. The battleroom concepts totally makes sense so sometime in the future it just might happen. You never know right? If it is in foreseeable future i might change my career to atleast work there or even better be an organizer there of the sorts ( not that i can't be creative enough to be a commander but it wouldn't be fair right? ;) ). Oh shoot!spoiler alert!! I recommend the book to everyone, to those with already amazing creativity and imagination, it is a treat. And too all the others it is an aid!

I just didn't like the last name of hero. His name is Ender wiggin! Ender is kinda he is the end of discussion...done deal! But wiggin? Freakin wiggin! And there are 3 of them! Spoilers again!!

Actually i started writing the review but it sort of became a post. Who would need a review when they see the 5 star rating i gave right? I want to read this again but i have 3 more books to read this year. So i will wait! Oh wait! Why not make this book the first to read next year? It would be a damn good start ;)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fly High!

                 Ever wondered why a lot of people get drunk to an extent where reality becomes invisible, logic gets thrown in the dustbin, health gets flushed in the toilet and they are so wasted that they start boasting about how wasted they are. Not that i had any personal experience but i wondered why would they do it again after waking the next day with a splitting head. It must be the high they get right? How good that the high must have been in order for them to bear with the hangover every time and still do it again? 

                   Don't misunderstand me. I am not going into any drinking frenzy now but i like the idea of getting high. Don't you agree? There are all types of high. Would your opinion still be the same if i am talking about sugar-high? Everyday...well not everyday but every day that indulge your self in that blissful chocolate muffin or a cookie or your favorite coffee latte or masala or pizza, isn't that what you are doing? Next time when you are at coffee day and look at that mouth watering chocolate pastry, will you stop and think that you are getting addicted or will you just take it? I definitely would! I would find a reason to convince my conscience because i want to celebrate my life. Little high now and then keeps me alive. 

                What about adrenaline high? There are a lot of adventurers out there everyday risking their lives in doing something crazy just so they can enjoy the adrenaline. All of them are high addicts right? Would you still say being high is wrong?

              What about success high? A lot of people suffer from it. They do terrible things to win because they cant bear to see others win. But a lot of them also give their all - time, dedication, determination in a good way because of the same things. They really aren't that different right?

              Next time your father or brother or someone demands their regular 10 am and 4 pm tea, would you still say their addiction is dangerous?

             I am not judging all of these as wrongs nor am i supporting all of them, i am just saying to all of those high addicted people that there are different kinds of high to get addicted to. I know its sounds evil, so i will explain with an example. Say if a couple is in deep love and the girl is married away to someone else, the boy have a choice to replace his love-high with drinking-high and become devdas, wouldn't you recommend some other high? After all we are suckers for getting high one way or other. Even the so called saints have disciple-high! Wont you agree?

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Monday, November 25, 2013

A notable day

As i opened to view any new articles from the people i follow, i found something interesting. Today is a day i should probably remember as a blogger as my blog reached its first milestone i.e, my blog....this blog crossed the 1k visitors milestone. Although this is a small achievement, as a blogger i wish this is a sign of many more welcome surprises. But part of me still doesn't believe it considering the number of comments i receive. So if you are visiting the blog, i would appreciate that you leave footprints to let me know and comment. 
Also i would like to take this opportunity to thank my best friend Ajay who made me start blogging. I do remember creating a blog long time ago and posting the welcome post only to delete the blog entirely later on. Considering how i ended the first one, i should say the main reason that i was able to continue this time is because of his subtle or not so subtle hints asking me blog continuously. He maintains a set of amazing blogs, one for photography, one for poetry, one for fiction and one for just ranting (my favorite). Do check it out. I wonder if i can keep some consistency in order to be able to reach further milestones.

Twist of fate

The book centuries old,
the first copy ever made,
passed down through his will,
as planned for the greater good,
to overcome the gravest circumstances.

To the fated students he entrusted,
to make the right choice,
the gravity of each overwhelming,
the way to destroy evil, and
the temptation to conquer death.

As she opened the old book,
rare, torn and broken,
its mystique made known,
The deathly Hallows
by the smell of old book,
captivating and enchanting.

There it laid bare,
the key to it all,
though scribbled in code,
for them to unfold,
the guiding light to their destiny!


The above post was written for the Write tribe's the smell of old books prompt
Inspiration: "The Tales of Beedle the Bard" from Harry Potter series

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Had i looked back - 100 words on a saturday

         Had i looked back i would've seen my father regret his fury, 
                  the kind which prompted him to shoot himself.
         Had i looked back i would have seen my sister-in-law accidentally die from misfire, 
                  the consequences of which bought burning sadness on her son and the rest.
         Had i looked back i would have foreseen the unintended mental destruction my family underwent for 25 years, 
                  the kind which i would never have let them face alone for even a second.
         Had i looked back, I would never have left!
                  How i wish i could go back in time!

(The above post has been written for Write tribe's 100 words on a Saturday 's prompt " Had I looked back" which has been given by Nischala who blogs at Verve. )
P.S. This is my first time writing for Write tribe. The concept is from the telugu movie "Attharintiki daredi".

PULSEating first step!

            Finally after a long time, i came back to my reading spree. I just completed another book named "PULSE" although it took more time than i thought it would...2 days is not that bad na? 

              I want to be true to the reading challenge that i undertook 2 days ago and here goes my first book. That means i already completed 20% of the challenge. Now i have to select my next books. I have some e-books piled up for the same, so i will check some reviews and pick one soon. I am planning to read a book every week so there is no hurry. 

           I remember when asked about in class (graduation), a very small number of people read books. Well, not that its weird because everyone has their thing...for some its cricket, for some music, for some like me its manga and books. What i found weird was most of these book readers said they read it to get good vocabulary. I mean come onn...if all you want is vocabulary, why go to the trouble of reading an entire book. Books are not meant just for that right? you can buy an oxford dictionary and get started if that is the case. I am sure its more productive. The main thing about reading is to be able to enjoy it. The intense feelings like suspense, sadness, all that funny giggling flows into you as if you are there in the book with all the characters. That's what i love about reading.

cork wine stoppers
           So anyway in this book, the lead character has a weird hobby. He collects bottle caps...weird right? No matter how the author make it sound sexy or sentimental about it....i mean they are bottle caps?? and what he does with it?.....he plays cap in the pot with it! May be i missed something important because this book is a sequel to another book called "COLLIDE". But surely it should have been a little more interesting like collecting corks as in wine that's an interesting hobby. I mean wines aging from a decade to a century are often used considering all these bloody lead characters are billionaires to boot...i wish i could be a billionaire just to collect those caps :P . OK, I decided! I will collect corks of these lavish and respectable year's old wine's when i have a chance. It is cool right? Every one cares about the 100 year old champagne that the winner of lets say an F1 race celebrates with but nobody cares about the corks na? Although i wonder just how many will i be able to collect considering not many drink and those who do don't really care about quality...certainly no one i knew had atleast a 10 year old baby (i mean you know 

         You talk too much! when was the last time you had wine? Oh wait! was there ever one??

Ok! I confess i never had wine. The kind of upbringing that i had certainly forbids me from even touching one but hey I consider myself broad minded you know. I mean they wouldn't mind if its given as a suplement for aneasthesia or something right? what about all those mexican dishes that always need some kind of wine as an ingredient? I even read its good for you, stops several types of cancers, even remove kidney stops. If you want you can check here , here and here for starters. Sure it should be taken moderately. But you know why people in India who drink act like asses? because the forbidden fruit is always too sweet and it effects badly if not taken moderately.

But what am i talking about again? oh yeah the book....there is another interesting thing in the book. The lead character - Blake always uses it. Its a simple game called "20 questions". Although the situations he used it in is weird but the concept is quite good. You know how a lot of people suggest us to count backwards from 100 when we divert our attention and it never works.....well, this works. But it requires two to do it. You ask the other one completely random two choice questions and the other answers with an explanation and now its his turn to ask. Like pop or hip-hop or something like that. I am looking forward to try it and see if it really works. 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Goodreads reading challenge

      Reading is a very good habit. I encourage everyone to read as much as they can in whatever form like blogs or books or even audio books. A book is like a new world ready for you to enter and that stays saved in your memory (not the particular content but the feel and imagination burst). Even though most don't quite get it its quite enjoyable.
      Recently i feel like i am loosing the touch. So when i stumbled across Goodreads reading challenge i felt like i should challenge myself into getting into the habit again. The challenge is basically you pledging yourself to read 'n' number of books for this year. The more the merrier ofcourse but considering the year is almost up i decided to pledge to read 5 books. So, here goes...

PS:: I will put up the challenge gadget on the blog soon so you can nag me to read more ;)

The forbidden dream?

         Ramappa is born in a hardworking potter family. The craft being in the family is the only thing that he knows. He is uneducated , unambitious, doesn't crave for the world to recognize him. The only thing that matters is that he can maintain a livelyhood through his job. He is known around the town for selling pots and nothing else. At the end the pottery didn't matter much. Its his means...and by  all means he only intends to use it for that and only that. He loved his family...he enjoyed teaching his son pottery...he never cared for the rest of the world...and he is happy. 

       Ofcourse, he is from another century. Is something like that really possible now-a-days? Can anyone be happy by doing something that is so small when compared to other things? No...i don't think so! Because ramappa never compared himself to anyone else not because he dont know about them but because he is satisfied with what he is doing and have no reason to compare...why should he? Can we tell the samething about us? Lets see....when i am a small kid who is refusing to eat, my mom would take me to the balcony or roof and show me cars on the road and say.....look at those shiny beautiful cars, you can go anywhere you want zooooooom...and now i sure want to but it costs real money that i might not be able to comeup with. Should i be sad and depressed because of that? 

      A feature show is running on TV about space exploration, so suddenly your parents would stop you from doing whatever it is that they are doing and tell you to watch it. After that they would tell you how there are so many beautiful stars in the sky which are nothing but solar systems from far beyond and how we can be an astronaut and step on the moon or a scientist and try and discover new things that will make us famous all over the world or make living on earth atleast a little better. Beautiful dreams...all of them. I liked all of them, some more than the other. But i am none of them now. Should i be unhappy about it? knowing that i am not what i dreamed to be and lament that i am another 9 to 5 fancy robots that are abundantly seen these days or should i be impressed by myself that i have grown my conscience 1000 fold and am able to realize realistic dreams and plans? But why do those unrealistic dreams still seem fab??

     While I dreamed of getting an Audi, get the damnest super computer rig for my gaming vice, get a bungalow that awes the greatest designers of the time, be known among my circles to be the most wisest and considerate and all of those good qualities, Ramappa only dreamed of being happy and his life has been a dream come true has it not? So is he more successful than i am? 

     While we are in a time where our parents gave us freedom of all the choices, the choices are still meager realistically available ones. Sure if i am to go back in time and make those choices again i would have choosen something else for obviously i am more aware and wiser. Knowing that should i leave my life in regret? may be i wouldn't have become this aware if i made those should i be contempt instead?

     But no matter what i become in the future there is still that version of me that i could have been and he is a tempting mistress. In the end is the freedom of dreaming just a forbidden dream?? The more aware i am, the more questions remain unanswered...i am jealous of you ramappa even though you are just a figment of my imagination!

Lost and Found!

         I recently felt like i am not doing justice to blogging, and for once i thought i should look for the inspiration myself. So, i visited Blogadda to checkout some top blogs. Here when i clicked on a blog, i liked the post so i wanted to follow the blog and am searching for Google connect app on the right side widget ribbon. Somehow while i scrolled down it is lost between all the blog awards that the writer got. I was overwhelmed considering I have heard of only a few of them.

         "....Of all the amazing things that i discover if only i could be one of them...."

        Its not that i don't like the blog, but that kind of display almost seems inhuman to me an amateur blogger. All blog awards naturally recognize a specializations like an fresh amateur blog or best clicks or awesome literature or storytelling but to have awards from so many categories just how many hours does she have in a day? I figured i should check the kind of topics that she touches, but Oh my God! there are posts belonging to almost all categories that i could possibly think of like cooking, travel, fashion, lifestyle, fiction, reviewing, shopping, celebrity talk, comics,...what not?

          Although i got no idea about any kind of inspiration for my next blog ... or did i?...i now have a great respect towards all bloggers and somehow i feel a little proud about being a blogger myself..not that my posts are in anyway comparable to theirs..but a man can try na? Anyways you can follow me and a million others that you like by clicking the above icon.

So i decided i am going to explore more blogs to discover many more awesome things and who knows i will share a few with you my visitors too! 

P.S.:I said visitors because the traffic i am seeing on my blog does not correspond to the comments i am receiving but i really want readers so if you take some of your time to read why comment and let me know about it? 

Monday, November 18, 2013

With and Without Internet!

          I have always wanted to do something with what i know from the internet. I mean seriously, i spent too much time on the internet and yet i cant seem to be able to figure out something that i can do that will clearly reveal its all because i had a internet connection and hopefully that will stop my mom from nagging at me. 
So i thought about what i could do, so here they are,

-> Book train tickets = 3 or 4 years ago may be that is something worth mentioning but now every tom, dick and harry with an internet connection and an e-banking enabled bank account can do that

-> Instant Mobile recharge = Well it is not a big thing but something. I mean with an app and balance i could be that knight in shining armour in times of need and it would certainly get appreciation but i cant count on it to happen all the time. I would be bummed if everyone starts asking me that and just that...what! am i a free recharge coupon?

  ->   Flipkart anything and everything = i know its too much to use flipkart as a verb but what can i do? I seem to end up choosing it whenever i want to buy anything. And it did wonders too. I almost got scolded when i bought my first smartphone from mom said "you dont know what the limit is...just because you have an online bank account you shouldnt do such rash things" dad said "If you order online they will just get rid of defectiv pieces by sending you one and it will be damaged during transit"....Whew! It took a lot of me to convince them and finally thanks to Bluedarts contract with flipkart and Flipkarts damage proof packing things were smooth and i got to keep my face. They didnt say a thing when i ordered my next smartphone and couple of other things from it last month :)
      Well back to topic, it is a good thing but too much of it would give me a spoiled kid reputation na? Unlike some idiots i would hate to be recognised that way. I maintained too much of a decent guy style to be that now!

-> Home theatre = I am not talking about sound system ofcourse but downloading latest movies and stuff and put a show of it. yeah i know pirating is bad but admit it who doesn't do it now a days? But these days i cant seem to find good prints of any latest movies (only tollywood...bollywood is a different matter though). They only seem to make a public appearance after coming on tv and since unlike me a lot of people watch movies on tv the first time they come while i am busy doing something else (hey dont judge me now...i follow tollywood, bollywood and hollywood...too much work na? :P) so that is a bummer. Well i tried downloading some devotional songs and that seemed to work a bit

-> Make hotel reservations = Thanks to digitization of some ashrams among other hotels this is a huge blessing for me. Its about the only thing that makes me look good somewhat.

-> Tech guru = Hold on!I am not speaking about myself at all! There are too many tech guru's giving expert advice and reviews about products ranging from toothbrush to cars and heavy trucks and thanks to them i would be able to pull valuable info on any kind of product under discussion.Not to mention the price variation...very handy na? But sometimes....just sometimes it is also a bad thing. Since you get to know too many people's opinions you will see bad in everything!

-> GPS = A new city doesn't scare me as it should and thanks to GPS (well it uses i wont be lost in shady streets like in the movies and will still be able to know the right bus or train to take, the routes of them...inspite of being new. But its not always that good a benefit as the maps are still not that good in many areas and also elder people dont seem to trust it so even if i proposed the way they would want to confirm it anyway and this would be the last much for a benefit

-> Blogging = Oh please! Its not like i am famous or anything and the chances of me getting famous is like finding a needle in a haystack. Literally so...considering the number of blogs that are present on the web.
No-Shave November Victim

-> Career advice = Be it tutorials for new languages and stuff or interview experiences for visa's or prep material for all kinds of exams, the web is the holy bible! But people seem to take it for granted ... like since they went and bought us an electronic device the least we could do is its not really a benefit to be mentioned in this context if you know what i mean

-> Knowing wierd things = Believe me! because of internet i came to know about so many wierd things that i cant possibly count. Like the too bored women who would goo to extremes to dress their cats or catch their cat doing wierd things or a fox-looking dog saying i love you or a buck naked drunk wierd guy painted all over or a No-Shave November challenge...what not?  These are all great conversation starters but there are always two kinds of its always 50-50 chance but if they dont like stuff like that....well! Now you are done for.
Internet of Things
The Internet Of Things

Besides all of these i can only see one good thing which is the Internet of things (IOT) which is an awesome concept and that fulfills all my prerequisites but the problem is unlike in US or UK i am not at the disposal of these things in the Internet of Things. I wish the "Things" be available in India soon but should also be affordable. Oh!What am i dreaming of? How many years would that take??

Chromebook a thing?

            2 years ago when Google announced chromebook concept, i was startled. I mean just look at it..chromebook is always connected to internet, and all its applications are on the cloud only and it isn't known for its huge hard disk. Considering the best kind of internet that everyone uses is a 2g only, using it as a backbone for marketing strategy confused me a bit. So i figured it will disappear soon. Imagine my surprise when i read an article about how chromebooks reached top 10 best selling electronics.Even Wikipedia says 
Samsung Chromebook"the Chromebook line is probably the most successful Linux desktop/laptop computer we've seen to date" , so i researched what brought the change.
1) Most of software engineers cant keep themselves away internet for long naturally so most of them have usb dongles any internet is not a problem with them
2) On the go marketing people and such always need a way to get latest info before a meeting and a way to give a cheap and affordable chromebook with good battery is the best choice for them
3) Many schools are providing "Computer Training" for schoolkids as advertising stunts and the most they show is how keyboard works and open paint and word applications and show how to use World Wide Web - Google and Wikipedia at most
4) There is always more information on the web than any (well..most anyway) library that a school or a small institution can maintain so it is only natural that they use these chromebooks that is basically limited to everything web
5) With most 3 or 4 year kids wanting to have ipad as a trend it wont be surprising if they give a chromebook instead - cause its cheap, and many flash games are addicting - and it will definitely last longer than any tablet because they always throw things
6) Blogging and socialnetworking - those crazy bloggers go anywhere to blog interesting things. Although they can use their smartphones, it can never replace the comfort of a full sized keyboard.

These are good enough reasons for a market to exist anyway but the practical cons are most chromebooks are so slow that most people get easily frustrated and you cant play better games graphically! It is a serious letdown for me so i will wait another 5 or 6 years.