Sunday, August 10, 2014

One winter morning!

     As the cold winter breeze brushed past me, there I was descending the stairs. As soon as my saw my bike, I stopped abruptly and climbed the stairs with a sigh! I forgot my jacket again! There is a certain unspoken rule about it with men. A man’s gotta wear his jacket on a nice winter morning like this right?

     As I drove, I saw the familiar faces of the owner’s daughter opening the door for a door-knock on any of the houses in the street, milkman in his lungi rushing into every other house as always, and the general stores solo slave giving a vibe as if today the world is going to end and the dosa-chef  of the tiffin stall by the road as cheerful as always. Perhaps it is because dosa stalls these days earn more than most software engineers. It’s true, isn’t it? Gone are the days when software guys are held in awe. Today, just every other guy works in a software company.

     So what? I love my job! Not because, I earn a lot of money…actually I don’t really earn that much. And it is just a tad bit depressing to see how much I have saved in this one year I started working as a software engineer. Oh well! When has saving money been my strongest point? It isn’t even because I am the most valued employee in my project either. It’s just that, this has always been my dream and living a dream for once in my life feels good.

     I started to my office after my daily dose of dosa and stopped at the red signal. It is funny that most people instead of looking at the signal, look at the traffic police and as soon as he turns his gaze, they speed as if they were lightning. Why bother? Don’t get me wrong. Jumping the signals is something that I do too but only when I can’t afford even a second. But just how many people could be in such kind of situations every day? And why the hell would a government bus have that kind of urgency? All for what? For an interesting story to tell when you are hospitalized? Ughh! I should just stop thinking about such things.

     The parking space has barely any vehicles as usual. Even though software guys are said to have an 8 to 5 schedule in almost all movies, the real schedule is 11 to who knows when? Although that’s how it is with me too, I still like to come by 9 during good weather just so I can enjoy the morning breeze in my favourite spot. How many people get to climb a forest covered mountain like structure and sit on a rock on top and just gaze at the sky lazily every day? It was love-at-first-sight for me. I might not have lived on a hill station with amazing view but I sure as hell long for something like this from time to time. It just feels like freedom maybe? It’s stupid I know, so what? I like it!

What is this job to me, you ask? To me, it’s about living on my own terms, meeting interesting and likeminded people, making friends, help others wherever I can no matter how small and at the end of the day to be satisfied that I am not just another useless being on this vast face of earth.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Mysterious Born

A-Z Challenge

      There is chaos in the air everywhere. Feelings of sorrow, pain, hopelessness and desperation flowed in the air. That is until the just-born baby cried. His voice shifted the air. There was no sorrow, or pain or hopelessness anymore but only eagerness filled the air. There was no need to seek any further answers, He was worth it!  ..the trouble parents go through for the sake of their children..

        It was almost one in the dark of a gloomy night but that didn’t stop Ajay from taking a walk on the abandoned road. High on caffeine, he found the mysterious dark of night inspiring and motivating. As he walked along the dimly lit sidewalk he heard a cry. There is no denying it, it’s the cry of a baby. He went closer to the source of the cry though scared, because the weakness of the cry melted his heart. He was devastated when he found the body of a frail baby abandoned in the dark corner of a trash can.  Tears began flowing despite his will upon carrying the baby to the nearest hospital. Since nobody claimed the baby, Ajay signed the forms himself half-heartedly for putting the baby for adoption. There was something about this baby that bothers him. The baby is always crying and only calms down when he was near. Even the nurse said so. How could a baby not even a week old recognize his savior and even sense him? He is beyond moved but he can’t take the baby as his own. He was too young for it and he had a dayjob to worry about. Although reluctantly, he left the baby in the care of a well-known child welfare organization who would take care of him until he is adopted. 

“From today, your name is Carden! It means ‘From the dark fortress. Conquer it carden! ”

Unfortunately, even at the end of first month, nobody wanted this baby who was dumped on the road side. Besides, it seems he is always either crying and no one knows what to do until one day when they decided to inspect his health. Carden was diagnosed to have Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia (ALL) and possible Neuroblastoma. His body is so damaged that doctors are astounded as to how he survived the pain. It is theoretically impossible for children that young to survive such pain that they are already calling him the miracle boy. But, even so, no known treatment could be given to children that young and the treatment can’t be covered by the organizations funds. After all there is only so much that they can do! When all hope is lost a women came forward to adopt carden. Upon being told about the disease of carden, she only said ‘I already know. To survive such pain, it can only means he is destined for great things! I will do everything in my power to get him through this’. The staff is dumbfounded but obliged her request to adopt carden.

“Can I change his name to Rey Carden?”

“I don’t see why you can’t”

“Thank you very much!” she said beaming.

I am linking this post to the Second day of April's A to Z challenge and the post links to the alphabet B for Birth. This is the second installment for the Novella "The Fury of Raido!". You can read the first part 'The Arguement' here.

Tune in everyday for more. Please leave your link in the comments so i can visit you.

P.S: After a long post yesterday, i have tried hard to keep it small today to facilitate people who come here on blog-hop. I know how hard it was on me yesterday. I had to stop myself from checking twitter every five minutes because there were so many unread posts. I promise i will catch up on the weekend! Happy reading!

April is the month of blog discovery. Your next favorite blog is waiting somewhere in
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Monday, March 31, 2014

The Arguement!

        This is the first day of April's A to Z challenge and no its not a April fools post, I swear! This challenge as i might have mentioned earlier is very special in that, i am going to write my first novella, and this is my first A to Z challenge. And i am sure this will be the first challenge that i am gonna see through to the end. With that let me kickstart today's post aptly titled for A as 'The Arguement!' and this post starts the Novella titled "The Fury of Raido!".

      It is not every day that silence filled the Order’s command centres. It is the kind of silence that comes before the storm. And surely, a storm is in store for the fate of mankind, if it can still be called that!

    Although, the screen only showed the shadowed images of the directors, the grim expressions of everyone is evident. Thoughts of aggressive propositions and their consequences raced in their minds, for Order is no ordinary organization. They call themselves the driving force of mankind but the ugly truth is that they are the reason for the artificial calamities but they are also the power that subdues them. It is led by the most brilliant, wicked, reckless and radical minds and the world is its lab-rat. It comprises of four infamous people and a mysterious fifth person.

    The mad scientist that has been exiled because of his exposed massacre of human experimentation, The Major who defected the government-alliance with his now private army stationed in international waters, The Spy, nicknamed Radar who is the information back bone of the organization, The greedy Industrialist who is the monitory back bone of the organization form the four Generals of ORDER. It is said that the fifth person, reached out to The Spy who in turn contacted everyone else to form the Order. Not even the inner circle has any idea of the identity of the leader, ‘Mr.O’.

 “What do we do with them?” the leader’s voice finally tore the silence apart.

“It’s time we take constitutional measures! There are still some obedient mutants, we should get to those ignorant fools before the rebellion gets them and turn them into our network! Once the public rejects them fully, they will have nowhere to go. It’s time we force them into the underworld and play this in our arena”.

“We should inject Vi-Tox labels into as many as possible just-in-case. It is better to test its compatibility fully before we use them in real combat. These mutants sure are resistant to common methods of killing. I need to test several of my bio-weapons. The future of their control is in bio-weapons. We also need to be able to tell them apart, or we will end up infiltrated!”

“We need to secure our island bases. Since there has been no contact with the outside world, we can be sure there are no mutants there. Special training should commence on tactics, if we are to expect a revolt. Either way we are short in number and must do something about it!”

“Lets put the word out that, they can be turned back to normal and capture their families. They will be forced to work for us and also act as guinea pigs while their families serve us as slaves in return for not killing them. But this all depends on whether we can control them. So you will find us the solution as soon as possible doc!
There are a few blood-thirsty mutants out there. Let’s capture them and use them against their kind. We will follow the scent of their chaos. To be able to hide from us this well, they must have a system in place. You will infiltrate them and get us what we need Radar.

It’s time we take control of Scyntha. The evil nation will readily accept us. Put the plan in motion Major.

We should keep the secrets of Shinjuku incident and only reveal the destruction to turn the masses.”

“But what do we do with her?“

“You will use all the methods you can think of to bring that power out of her. We need that power!!!”

Who is the mysterious leader behind Order? Who is 'her'? What is the Order upto?

Tune in everyday for more as the story transcends the known world into unknown realms.

If you are here from AtoZ too, please leave a link to your post in the comments.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

A to Z Theme reveal!

       Back in Feb, i decided to participate in this popular blog challenge cum blog-hop AtoZChallenge. And i am hoping, i will fully complete the challenge, because i am motivated under the account of several reasons actually. For starters, the rules are pretty easy. I have to come up with a title or the theme of the post that starts with the particular letter-of-the-day. Sounds, pretty easy right? Hold it right there. You see, I got all exited and decided to change my theme for the challenge. I am going to attempt a novella of the sorts for this challenge. I have always wanted to write a novella. Coming up with the story line to adopt was fun but i also changed it several times. The good thing is i changed the story line because, i thought i was going way too fast with the story, so as i started giving detailed outline, i decided on a bigger plot and divided it into two or three novella's of which i plan to complete atleast two during the challenge itself. *Mini Reveal* It is a fiction with supernatural element! *Mini Reveal*  and I hope you like it. 

The other reason is that, ever since i started this challenge, i was bloghopping to create a reading list of the sorts for this challenge and i have come across some great blogs, so thanks AtoZ challenge for that. I will share my reading list with you guys before the challenge, and if you find it interesting too, you can go there and comment to support them. And if i have missed on some good one's you can share those too so that i can add them to my list! So here goes the theme reveal for April's AtoZChallenge, an introduction to my first ever novella.

*Hey**Heeeey**Hooo**Hooo**drumrolls**curtain raises*

"Hello. Who is it?"  "No details on the phone. If you want a tip on his base location, meet me at the Ruvie alley down the Orlington cross in exactly half an hour.....beep". He raced through the busy office of CNN to the editor's office. "Not now Marley", the editor waved him away and turned back to his own discussion. But he wouldn't have it "I might have a lead on his location" "Whaat? Marley this is madness! We have been through this time and time. Don't risk your life on this. It is probably just another prank" "Clear your private line and wait for my line. I am taking Nina with me," With that he ran back."You are too reckless, my stupid son!"

      Ruvie alley is where the government first started using weapons of mass destruction on those bloody mutants, he recalled as he drove the rugged old van at crazy speeds with Nina, tuning the broadcasting system. As he took his eyes off the road to check the time right by the Orlington cross, his van abruptly stopped and he hit the wheel right on his nose and fell to the side unconscious. While Nina made futile attempts to hide, some red bastard dragged Marley out of the van and shook him awake. With new scars added to is face, and his obvious fury showing, marley looked as if he was about to burst. "Before you do anything, think about her", a sharp mysterios voice came from behind the van and fear overcame Marley. His face looked as if his spirit has been sucked out of him. "I like that face. Is that from seeing me or is that fear for this lady" He broke open the sliding door to reveal Nina. 

      Although she has been in dangerous situations and found herself in the middle of mutants, nothing could prepare her to be threatened by Typhoon. She fell on her knees shaking but quickly mustered courage enough to come out of the van to Marley's side and boldly say "Go ahead! I am not afraid of the likes of you" "Is that so? Took you long enough" He said mischieviously. "We do have an eventful day. Why don't you take a minute for yourself and you can start doing what you came here for" "Are you really going to tell us, where his base location is?" "Even better! I am gonna show you." "Fuck you bastards, you are just gonna kill us. Here or there doesn't matter!"  "What if i say you don't have to come out of the van and i will personally make sure you get back safe" "What do you want from us?" " Broadcast the declaration of his highness live". So it has come to this after all, the revolt of mutants and the war between humans and mutants. Compared to all the lives that are going to be sacrificed, their life seemed irrelevant. "Welcome onboard the speed monster, she is faster than the fastest and lighter than a feather, the J-lingo! Get on before before she disappears" J is already in the drivers seat as Nina and Marley got into  the back of the rugged van. 

      With a jerk, the van rushed at unbelievable speed, right into the cul-de-sac. J hit the pedal and the van roared with new found power, the kind that will make anyone skip a beat. And just like that it jumped into the sky, "Man! Can she fly? or can she fly!" Marley held the broken door so tight to not fall over Nina who is right behind her. After all there isn't much space in the van besides the equipment. A thud from above told Typhoon is riding over the van. As the van proceeded towards the deserted city of Verios, they saw the remains of city of what was once a symbol of development and breakthroughs in genetic engineering where it is said that no disease is uncurable. As the van neared its intended destination J slowed down and stopped mid-air . The sight took their breath away. Mutants all over the place around what seemed like a rubble of trash flattened to act like a stage. "His highness will be here any moment. Its time you start broadcasting

       As the crowd intently listened to his speech, there are millions across the world watching him with fear of uncertainity as to what might happen and there are others who are tracking the broadcast to locate the source. 

"....Although, you label us as 'mutants', we are only 'altered' and still humans. I have waited for you to understand that for a long time now Mr. President, as you planned to assasinate me by consuming an entire state in a nuclear explosions. This is what made me come out. We are closer to you than you think Mr, President"

"I know you bastard! Wait till i blow that Verios again" The blasphemous putin-missilehead headed to Verios."I will watch you live as you burn!".... But the missile never came

His highness disappeared from the stage and a holograph showed the president in his command center watching them on his monitor. And behind him, his Highness 'Law' appeared. "Like i said, I am closer than you think!", he surprised President, who fell on to the ground with panic attack. "We only want peace!" "Who do you think will answer the murderous crimes of your kind?" he managed "These are but acts of individuals. Together we can work towards the peace of humanity" "How would i know if you are not trying to take control of my nation" "I am in your command center! I would've done that already if i wanted to already" "Nonsense! Shoot him!" But nothing happened. No one moved a limb as they were frozen by fear "Your decision will forever influence the violence and bloodshed that this country will face, but i will not force you!" As law turned away, realization hit him"Wait!..."


Our story precedes this day by a decade...

Get ready to real all about "The Fury of Raido!", the first novella of this series.


Special thanks to #TeamDamyanti for organizing this A to Z Theme reveal fest! If you are here, be sure to leave comments :)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rewrite History! Well science to be precise ;)

Put yourself in the shoes of any historical figure, and 
describe at least one thing you would do differently.

         Ever since i read this prompt in IndiSpire last night, i have been automatically thinking about several 'historical figures'. I got to say the most heated one was about Telangana. But since that's a stinky topic, i left it. I mean what should i write about? All i see is leadership wasted on unimportant things and such. I thought about Gandhi, researched a little too but by this evening somebody already put a post on it and that discouraged me. Besides, it's not that interesting. By evening i have run out of ideas and began asking others, what they would do. Needless to say, most of them just shrugged, some even said 'come on dude! I am not having enough time to think about work only, how could you think about such stuff leisurely? '...oooh! wrong person! until one person gave me a quick witty idea..yeah! I am not taking credit for it but i liked it a lot so here i am writing about it. Strictly saying, the more i thought about it, the more i liked it. Wanna know why? well, i will take you there too. 

        The concept revolves around a historical figure, and how would anyone know about such personalities? School...right? Yeah...this assumption doesn't involve you history dweebs, if there is one in my readers. God, i hate them so much! Why would you go to such lengths to find interesting facts in the history, understand things just through scripts fully, trace interesting myths and bust them with pure wit, and most importantly remember all that stuff for years to come until you tell your grandkids such amusing stories? Okay...who am i kidding? I love them!! I mean....Mummy? Indiana Jones? ....that is a never ending list! I don't hate them so much as i am jealous of them...very very jealous! I mean howww? God knows i would trade for that kind of memory! In the mean time , me with my pea brain am still just ignoring and hating you, you lucky-awesome-eyesore(for me) bastards! 

         Oh!! When i went to school (it wasn't that long ago...just like 8 year ago ;) ), how i hated carrying all those books every-damn-day, only i know. Sometimes i used to get scar marks on my shoulders for carrying those bags too much. Bags are like whips but just less sexier  harsh. And all of those damned text books are because of some of these historical figure assholes. But then, whom should i pick? A tricky question, isn't it? Let's see...what are the big books? English (big assed wren and martin)? naah...i love English. Although i hate how it was forced onto all of us (those bastards) the fact that i could understand people all over the world (through internet - even translation works mainly because of english only ri8?) is just awesome. Then Social? like history and stuff. F**k it, if not one person, that damned history will be full of someone else...there is no escaping the inevitable when it comes to history! So..maths? maybe..but who? Aryabhatta? Wait! That stuff he did with zero (you know he invented the '0' and all) was pure awesomeness. As a bro who understands awesomeness like none other and hence connected by awesomeness-brotherhood (besides he is from India), i couldn't disgrace him. Then it hit!!

         Such derivations, such assumptions, such hypothetical theories, such awesomeness, has what made today the way it is! That Einstein and Newton dudes (although my bro's from awesomeness-brotherhood - Sigh! It was a difficult decision alright!) are going to have to take fall for this! There is just no other way!  I picked Newton!

           If i was Newton, i would have just eaten the damned apple! Seriously, Y U NO EAT THAT APPLE? (#trollface)

         If you had just eaten that apple, atleast for a few more centuries i wouldn't have to carry those damn bags....wait! That would put me in one of those slave driven centuries....oh no! Oh well! I have trouble thinking, being me.....what could i possibly think being someone else and comeup with something better? Pheww...that's a lot better! Besides, i am sure all these books are going to be replaced by kindle's and ipad's in near future. I will definitely strive for that!

     While i was looking up this above pic for newton, i came across some interesting meme's,  but i don't want to fill the post with heavy pictures so check the few hilarious ones out below.




The above post was written for Indiblogger's IndiSpire topic mentioned at the start of the blogpost.

Picture Credits: Shamelessly Stripped from Google Image Search!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Race!

         Today i was driving to office absentmindedly as usual. What can i say? Sometimes everything you see is a trigger for something like driving the free over bridge feels like sliding on the children's slide! Since there is so much traffic i am forced to drive the muddy sideways which feels like playing Motocross with all the ups and downs. Have you ever played this game? When i was a kid, my friend G used to have this game and a few other small ones. Everyone used to go there after playing cricket on the Sundays. But since i suck at cricket, i skipped that and directly came only to play the games. Oh! I remember his dog, hairy little dog, who hates to be petted in front of strangers but i still managed to pet him though! Wait! What was i saying? aah...see what just happened? These days, now that the road is familiar to me i feel like i am sleeping with one eye during my drive too!

          But suddenly i was brought back to reality when someone crossed me so sharply i thought he is going to fall sideways and is also going to make me fall for the first time here in Hyderabad. But somehow he managed it and that infuriated me beyond words for some reason. Logically it was a save! I should be happy but i don't know what happened but i began racing him. Mentally, the referee blew the gun and all the traffic is obstacles and this is a obstacle bike race. Its not like i raised my front tyre into the air and zoomed in okay, but more like restlessly go into this and that small spaces to move forward overtaking a lot more people driving normally. He is driving a Apache RTR scarily what? I am driving CBZee and i live off the edge..!! At second gear or third at max, we accelerated and hit brakes in succession while going so many times that i felt that this must be muscle memory. He is quick to pick up speed at any time, and i can recognize a straight line through traffic when i see one. He went through cars, i used cars to streamline my way and quickly go to the sideways again. He is quick to make the curve, i am good at handling the speed breakers efficiently with out loosing much time. 

         This madness went on for a while, until we had to wait for the traffic signal and then we zoomed in on green and we both couldn't see the speed breaker ahead and jumped a little bit (only a little bit because ..come on i am just on second gear) but then i didn't understand why i am doing such a foolish act? I mean, am i not doing something very similar to why i got angry in the first place? This is not a speed race to get the thrills or did i get thrills from this also? This made me think, why was i angry in the first place? really? I couldn't put a finger on it and when i looked at him, i only saw me! It is someone else, but i felt like i am not in a race with him but myself! But what is the purpose of this meaningless fight? I don't know. I couldn't explain why i got so fired up but maybe i am not really fighting him, i am fighting with myself. Because sometimes you just can't let go and let others go ahead. Sometimes, you need to fight for yourself. After all, you are the only one who you can depend on with out any strings attached! 


Did i ever speak about Dilbert comics?The creator Scott Adams is just amazing! No words can do justice, seriously! To conjure such wit, i always wonder just what goes on in him mind? If you compare it with Xkcd, Xkcd has arcs, so if the arc concept is better, the strips in that arc gets good and the normal strips are I mean there are really good ones but overall you know. But when it comes to Dilbert comics, every strip is like a arc. Sometimes, i laughed it off even after several hours of reading it. Maybe its just me because i could relate to him easily. I still remember the day i read Dilbert life coach book and i cried of laughter in office library! I just couldn't resist! Here goes one!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Amusing A to Z challenge

              I am officially participating in the a-to-zchallenge's A to Z April challenge. Usually, i keep myself away from challenges since - you know - i get cold feet or as a person i read quite aptly put it 'because of my own inhibition', but this seemed like a very easy challenge. As you can see, all i have to do is make the concept of the post something relating to a word starting with the letter-of-the-day and i have got quite a few ideas already. Besides, there is one other thing about why i was so interested in this challenge. If you have noticed my blog's address, you will notice the 'A as in Absurd' part, aptly titled i must say, is surprisingly aligned to the challenge's objective. It surely must be a sign right? So i thought, why not? So there! I even put up the widget yesterday on the right. 

         All of this happened last week. I was very much into this challenge that i started drafting concepts, doing research and other stuff in my office itself! Yeah, I am very dedicated to my office work. But here's the funny part! Today, on a whim, i changed what i wanted to do for the challenge. I dreamed of an amazing story - oh wait! its just so so. I don't wan't to get your hopes up even before i started working on it - that i dreamt about recently and remember the main character and outline of the story even after waking up. Yeah, that is so rare, seriously, i wish i could sleep blog! The more i thought about it, the more magnificient (read somewhat interesting) the story gets. So i decided i will write a novella!

       Ever since i read a novella named 'Harry's hut' written by this guy, i wanted to write one. Since i am more into myth, magic and other sci-fi stuff the story will be in those lines. Damn, no more spoilers! So expect stuff like that and encourage me to write better. I started working on it just a few hours ago and although i wrote only very little, like 3 para's, i am really enjoying this! Well, this stuff is like eating a fresh delicious pizza to my mind or rather as HIMYM fans would say, it's like eating a sandwich! Couldn't let that one go :D


Coming to the hyped promised comic strips in every post ( I already forgot to include it in my previous post though *silence of shame* ), here's the first one! Everyone who is a fan of comic strips or not, knows about Calvin and Hobbe right? Ever wondered what's their first comic strip? Well, savor this!

Warning: Beware! These comic strips are more contagious than Bird-flu :P