Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Race!

         Today i was driving to office absentmindedly as usual. What can i say? Sometimes everything you see is a trigger for something like driving the free over bridge feels like sliding on the children's slide! Since there is so much traffic i am forced to drive the muddy sideways which feels like playing Motocross with all the ups and downs. Have you ever played this game? When i was a kid, my friend G used to have this game and a few other small ones. Everyone used to go there after playing cricket on the Sundays. But since i suck at cricket, i skipped that and directly came only to play the games. Oh! I remember his dog, hairy little dog, who hates to be petted in front of strangers but i still managed to pet him though! Wait! What was i saying? aah...see what just happened? These days, now that the road is familiar to me i feel like i am sleeping with one eye during my drive too!

          But suddenly i was brought back to reality when someone crossed me so sharply i thought he is going to fall sideways and is also going to make me fall for the first time here in Hyderabad. But somehow he managed it and that infuriated me beyond words for some reason. Logically it was a save! I should be happy but i don't know what happened but i began racing him. Mentally, the referee blew the gun and all the traffic is obstacles and this is a obstacle bike race. Its not like i raised my front tyre into the air and zoomed in okay, but more like restlessly go into this and that small spaces to move forward overtaking a lot more people driving normally. He is driving a Apache RTR scarily fast....so what? I am driving CBZee and i live off the edge..!! At second gear or third at max, we accelerated and hit brakes in succession while going so many times that i felt that this must be muscle memory. He is quick to pick up speed at any time, and i can recognize a straight line through traffic when i see one. He went through cars, i used cars to streamline my way and quickly go to the sideways again. He is quick to make the curve, i am good at handling the speed breakers efficiently with out loosing much time. 

         This madness went on for a while, until we had to wait for the traffic signal and then we zoomed in on green and we both couldn't see the speed breaker ahead and jumped a little bit (only a little bit because ..come on i am just on second gear) but then i didn't understand why i am doing such a foolish act? I mean, am i not doing something very similar to why i got angry in the first place? This is not a speed race to get the thrills or did i get thrills from this also? This made me think, why was i angry in the first place? really? I couldn't put a finger on it and when i looked at him, i only saw me! It is someone else, but i felt like i am not in a race with him but myself! But what is the purpose of this meaningless fight? I don't know. I couldn't explain why i got so fired up but maybe i am not really fighting him, i am fighting with myself. Because sometimes you just can't let go and let others go ahead. Sometimes, you need to fight for yourself. After all, you are the only one who you can depend on with out any strings attached! 


Did i ever speak about Dilbert comics?The creator Scott Adams is just amazing! No words can do justice, seriously! To conjure such wit, i always wonder just what goes on in him mind? If you compare it with Xkcd, Xkcd has arcs, so if the arc concept is better, the strips in that arc gets good and the normal strips are so..so. I mean there are really good ones but overall you know. But when it comes to Dilbert comics, every strip is like a arc. Sometimes, i laughed it off even after several hours of reading it. Maybe its just me because i could relate to him easily. I still remember the day i read Dilbert life coach book and i cried of laughter in office library! I just couldn't resist! Here goes one!

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