Monday, February 17, 2014

Amusing A to Z challenge

              I am officially participating in the a-to-zchallenge's A to Z April challenge. Usually, i keep myself away from challenges since - you know - i get cold feet or as a person i read quite aptly put it 'because of my own inhibition', but this seemed like a very easy challenge. As you can see, all i have to do is make the concept of the post something relating to a word starting with the letter-of-the-day and i have got quite a few ideas already. Besides, there is one other thing about why i was so interested in this challenge. If you have noticed my blog's address, you will notice the 'A as in Absurd' part, aptly titled i must say, is surprisingly aligned to the challenge's objective. It surely must be a sign right? So i thought, why not? So there! I even put up the widget yesterday on the right. 

         All of this happened last week. I was very much into this challenge that i started drafting concepts, doing research and other stuff in my office itself! Yeah, I am very dedicated to my office work. But here's the funny part! Today, on a whim, i changed what i wanted to do for the challenge. I dreamed of an amazing story - oh wait! its just so so. I don't wan't to get your hopes up even before i started working on it - that i dreamt about recently and remember the main character and outline of the story even after waking up. Yeah, that is so rare, seriously, i wish i could sleep blog! The more i thought about it, the more magnificient (read somewhat interesting) the story gets. So i decided i will write a novella!

       Ever since i read a novella named 'Harry's hut' written by this guy, i wanted to write one. Since i am more into myth, magic and other sci-fi stuff the story will be in those lines. Damn, no more spoilers! So expect stuff like that and encourage me to write better. I started working on it just a few hours ago and although i wrote only very little, like 3 para's, i am really enjoying this! Well, this stuff is like eating a fresh delicious pizza to my mind or rather as HIMYM fans would say, it's like eating a sandwich! Couldn't let that one go :D


Coming to the hyped promised comic strips in every post ( I already forgot to include it in my previous post though *silence of shame* ), here's the first one! Everyone who is a fan of comic strips or not, knows about Calvin and Hobbe right? Ever wondered what's their first comic strip? Well, savor this!

Warning: Beware! These comic strips are more contagious than Bird-flu :P

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