Sunday, August 10, 2014

One winter morning!

     As the cold winter breeze brushed past me, there I was descending the stairs. As soon as my saw my bike, I stopped abruptly and climbed the stairs with a sigh! I forgot my jacket again! There is a certain unspoken rule about it with men. A man’s gotta wear his jacket on a nice winter morning like this right?

     As I drove, I saw the familiar faces of the owner’s daughter opening the door for a door-knock on any of the houses in the street, milkman in his lungi rushing into every other house as always, and the general stores solo slave giving a vibe as if today the world is going to end and the dosa-chef  of the tiffin stall by the road as cheerful as always. Perhaps it is because dosa stalls these days earn more than most software engineers. It’s true, isn’t it? Gone are the days when software guys are held in awe. Today, just every other guy works in a software company.

     So what? I love my job! Not because, I earn a lot of money…actually I don’t really earn that much. And it is just a tad bit depressing to see how much I have saved in this one year I started working as a software engineer. Oh well! When has saving money been my strongest point? It isn’t even because I am the most valued employee in my project either. It’s just that, this has always been my dream and living a dream for once in my life feels good.

     I started to my office after my daily dose of dosa and stopped at the red signal. It is funny that most people instead of looking at the signal, look at the traffic police and as soon as he turns his gaze, they speed as if they were lightning. Why bother? Don’t get me wrong. Jumping the signals is something that I do too but only when I can’t afford even a second. But just how many people could be in such kind of situations every day? And why the hell would a government bus have that kind of urgency? All for what? For an interesting story to tell when you are hospitalized? Ughh! I should just stop thinking about such things.

     The parking space has barely any vehicles as usual. Even though software guys are said to have an 8 to 5 schedule in almost all movies, the real schedule is 11 to who knows when? Although that’s how it is with me too, I still like to come by 9 during good weather just so I can enjoy the morning breeze in my favourite spot. How many people get to climb a forest covered mountain like structure and sit on a rock on top and just gaze at the sky lazily every day? It was love-at-first-sight for me. I might not have lived on a hill station with amazing view but I sure as hell long for something like this from time to time. It just feels like freedom maybe? It’s stupid I know, so what? I like it!

What is this job to me, you ask? To me, it’s about living on my own terms, meeting interesting and likeminded people, making friends, help others wherever I can no matter how small and at the end of the day to be satisfied that I am not just another useless being on this vast face of earth.

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