Saturday, May 4, 2013

In front there is Crocodile's festival!

Day 4 : Favorite quote (from a person, from a book, etc) and why you love it


              I am not really a quoting quotes kind of guy. Of-course mainly because i wont remember them. The other reason is that most people who quote such quotes don't seek insight but rather because they want to make an impact! you know prove their point. Its almost always like trying to extinguish fire with petrol! Of-course some discussions and essays demand such quotes...again for 'impact' but hey! half the time i can make one out of context!
              In general i either agree with a quote when i read one or i don't. Also simple quotes always have lasting this one "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" by Friedrich Nietzsche which ofcourse i heard it from Kelly Clarkson's video. Believe me the songs more inspiring than the quote.


            I have almost decided on this ',,,sooo true' quote but my inner voice questioned me .....The chapathi and curry combo they serve you never killed you. Are you stronger now? :P
 I know that quotes don't apply everywhere but i thought i would select one which applies where and i found one.
               There is a saying in Telugu "ముందుంది ముస్సల్ళ పండగ!" . English true translation is "In front there is crocodile's festival! " . I know its kind of sarcastic but its always true. :D

My Uncomfortability Checklist!

Day 3 : Things that make you uncomfortable

         This #BlogEveryDay challenge turns out to be a tough one.  I thought long and hard but  my thoughts just refuse to cooperate with each other. Its a good evening, so i went for a walk to clear up my mind. I had a 10 minute walk thinking about this topic and at the end of it believe me i came back rushing. The more  i think about it the more i find what makes me uncomfortable and I started to think, thinking about being uncomfortable is actually making uncomfortable. Is that even possible?
            Anyway i thought i got enough points and i should just sum it up. Well the first one is not so surprising. I hate awkward conversations (#1). Although i feel obligated at times to just continue the conversation, it just is brings unease when i can't fully express my opinion thinking it might hurt the other person and as reluctant when trying to find the same from others...what if i don't like it? about your confrontation issues! Its similar to the obligated meetings (#2), topics seem to cease coming to my mind. As much as i like to stop by and say hi when i see someone i know especially from long ago, i sometimes feel guilty and blindly believe i have already offended them and it automatically makes me uncomfortable..well that's weird! cauz they haven't spoken to you either right? 
            Another thing that i understood i am uncomfortable with is spotlight. In group discussions i wont start the topic no matter how good i am at a topic considering that i might actually be side-tracking the topic. More over there is some part in me that always tells me my point will be unique and better nonetheless and the topic could be extended properly only once its introduced by someone  else. But its really the responsibility (#4) that comes with it. I am very bad at handling responsibilities...Tell me about it! Because once i believe its my responsibility and i don't do it, i feel i cant escape (#5) from it....something i do at regular basis whenever i am uncomfortable!
         I have to confess i don't like to think a lot but this challenge is making me do exactly that. And there is this tone in me that always wants to be heard like my inner voice and i ended up writing them too!


Day 2, Thursday: Educate us on something you know alot about or are good at.
Take any approach you'd like (serious and educational or funny and sarcastic).


    There aren't many things that come to my mind when i think about this topic. Especially the 'good at' part! My mother always complains i am good at spending money unnecessarily and wasting time with computer. Does that count? ...As if!
     I am good at following trends. Like i said in my previous post, I like to look for the brightest candy store. yeah! i am talking about the Internet..not a Candy store!.It is the one good thing about being an RSS junkie. Interesting stuff pops out of every where. Ofcourse Reddit and Twitter are where you should be looking at. But i am afraid of both because there is too much information and you might just get lost. Unfortunately i do my reading in my office during breaks so, i cant follow blogs. But if you dont have such restrictions , you can use it to go through a 100 websites or blogs popular posts and yet not get lost! :D
    Ofcourse what you add to the RSS list matters. You can easily identify the big guns...Techcrunch, Mashable, Digg, Endgadget. As you go on you can add others. But i don't how people come across interesting blogs. Once i tried to check out few top blogs list in various categrories but its not bright enough so i left!
    Although i am not an expert i love exploring possibilities of various Gadgets.  Who doesn't? Reading about them and also experimenting on them! But unfortunately my wallet doesn't agree with me and I cant get my hands on many of the gadgets. I rooted my Android phone and tried flashing. Its flashy that i can flash but its not actually flashy because my stock android is 2.3 but it did not allow me to flash ICS so i flashed it back!
    Seems like i really dont know enough! Maybe i should takeup on a hobby.....what say make Ironman suits? :P

Friday, May 3, 2013

The First Step!

Day 1 : The story of your life in 250 words or less

    I have kinda accepted the challenge a little while after it started but heyy, better late than never right? So I am gonna compensate for thee lost time!   
    I am the most handsome - adventure loving ( I wouldn't pass on the glory of an explorer for the world!! ) - most punctual (I loooove timelines :P) - highly efficient ( Employee routines have been designed after me ) - fashion loving (i set the trend!) - daily exercising ( my sneakers can calculate my energy expenditure ) - software guy who got a job right after graduation because the company thought i am too skilled that they couldn't let me waste my time.
    If you believed the above para, then i will dedicate my life to lying blogging :P
    So for the record, i am a lazy - fun loving - techno crazy - regularly irregular software guy and i always look for the biggest candy store even though i got lost (...well you know what i mean!). My life made most of the decisions for me till graduation and i just went with it! and it wasn't half bad. But now i am always in a constant dilemma.
What story??
    yeahh...about that! If my story is what i make of my life with my own decisions, I am just getting started designing the cover page. All i did this year was watch movies, English and Korean series, following my favorites in Shonen Jump, roam into unknown places and play a game of finding my way back. I will add blogging if i successfully complete this challenge.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Challenge?

    I have known about blogging like from the dinosaurs age may be? One day i even dared and started a new blog ( guessed it! Not this one!). I put in a few posts, A few days later I came back to my blog and read all my posts again (okay..there were just two)  and for some reason i felt awkward and removed the blogs from public. I haven't even shared the link with my friends to begin with.
   After the epic event i totally avoided blogging (even reading personal ones as well)... i didn't overcome my fear and deleted my blog and i was afraid reading other blogs will haunt me. A few years later i came by a friend who is a consistent blogger and when i came to know about it , i started reading and i enjoyed it. It became a habbit of mine. He even made me start blogging again. Well i did a few posts again. But in the mean time we got allocated into different cities and all of a sudden i couldn't post regularly like i hoped. But i said to myself i am not going to just delete it this time.
    Today i read a post on his blog about a challenge (yeah Ajay..its your rambling :P) post a blog everyday. Something told me i should try it! So here i am (...before i could change my mind). If i did get this challenge down and i want to I have you to thank for it Jenni.