Saturday, May 4, 2013

My Uncomfortability Checklist!

Day 3 : Things that make you uncomfortable

         This #BlogEveryDay challenge turns out to be a tough one.  I thought long and hard but  my thoughts just refuse to cooperate with each other. Its a good evening, so i went for a walk to clear up my mind. I had a 10 minute walk thinking about this topic and at the end of it believe me i came back rushing. The more  i think about it the more i find what makes me uncomfortable and I started to think, thinking about being uncomfortable is actually making uncomfortable. Is that even possible?
            Anyway i thought i got enough points and i should just sum it up. Well the first one is not so surprising. I hate awkward conversations (#1). Although i feel obligated at times to just continue the conversation, it just is brings unease when i can't fully express my opinion thinking it might hurt the other person and as reluctant when trying to find the same from others...what if i don't like it? about your confrontation issues! Its similar to the obligated meetings (#2), topics seem to cease coming to my mind. As much as i like to stop by and say hi when i see someone i know especially from long ago, i sometimes feel guilty and blindly believe i have already offended them and it automatically makes me uncomfortable..well that's weird! cauz they haven't spoken to you either right? 
            Another thing that i understood i am uncomfortable with is spotlight. In group discussions i wont start the topic no matter how good i am at a topic considering that i might actually be side-tracking the topic. More over there is some part in me that always tells me my point will be unique and better nonetheless and the topic could be extended properly only once its introduced by someone  else. But its really the responsibility (#4) that comes with it. I am very bad at handling responsibilities...Tell me about it! Because once i believe its my responsibility and i don't do it, i feel i cant escape (#5) from it....something i do at regular basis whenever i am uncomfortable!
         I have to confess i don't like to think a lot but this challenge is making me do exactly that. And there is this tone in me that always wants to be heard like my inner voice and i ended up writing them too!

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