Friday, May 3, 2013

The First Step!

Day 1 : The story of your life in 250 words or less

    I have kinda accepted the challenge a little while after it started but heyy, better late than never right? So I am gonna compensate for thee lost time!   
    I am the most handsome - adventure loving ( I wouldn't pass on the glory of an explorer for the world!! ) - most punctual (I loooove timelines :P) - highly efficient ( Employee routines have been designed after me ) - fashion loving (i set the trend!) - daily exercising ( my sneakers can calculate my energy expenditure ) - software guy who got a job right after graduation because the company thought i am too skilled that they couldn't let me waste my time.
    If you believed the above para, then i will dedicate my life to lying blogging :P
    So for the record, i am a lazy - fun loving - techno crazy - regularly irregular software guy and i always look for the biggest candy store even though i got lost (...well you know what i mean!). My life made most of the decisions for me till graduation and i just went with it! and it wasn't half bad. But now i am always in a constant dilemma.
What story??
    yeahh...about that! If my story is what i make of my life with my own decisions, I am just getting started designing the cover page. All i did this year was watch movies, English and Korean series, following my favorites in Shonen Jump, roam into unknown places and play a game of finding my way back. I will add blogging if i successfully complete this challenge.

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