Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Challenge?

    I have known about blogging like from the dinosaurs age may be? One day i even dared and started a new blog ( guessed it! Not this one!). I put in a few posts, A few days later I came back to my blog and read all my posts again (okay..there were just two)  and for some reason i felt awkward and removed the blogs from public. I haven't even shared the link with my friends to begin with.
   After the epic event i totally avoided blogging (even reading personal ones as well)... i didn't overcome my fear and deleted my blog and i was afraid reading other blogs will haunt me. A few years later i came by a friend who is a consistent blogger and when i came to know about it , i started reading and i enjoyed it. It became a habbit of mine. He even made me start blogging again. Well i did a few posts again. But in the mean time we got allocated into different cities and all of a sudden i couldn't post regularly like i hoped. But i said to myself i am not going to just delete it this time.
    Today i read a post on his blog about a challenge (yeah Ajay..its your rambling :P) post a blog everyday. Something told me i should try it! So here i am (...before i could change my mind). If i did get this challenge down and i want to I have you to thank for it Jenni.

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