Tuesday, March 26, 2013

For the Greater Good!

            Look at you! You are cool right? You have one of those cool and slick Samsung touch phones or one of those high end phone that you are sure your friends will recognize at once that you bought it even though you think its over-prized. You were casually visiting a mall when you miraculously found that your favorite showroom is offering 10% discount that you had to buy at-least two dresses to appreciate your own good luck!

            At the end of day when you have to do some work that will let you earn that money you spent all this time, you go to Wikipedia right? A lot of foolish people makes sure its updated so you don't have to worry if its wrong. A lot of people trust it so much so that even if you are wrong you can blame it on Wikipedia and they will understand because they might have used it one time or the other. You don't have to look-up all over the web to put fake reference links for your article put together in the last minute with info from Wikipedia because there are a dozen resources for every page. You don't have to worry about royalty on images from Wikipedia because a lot of generous people have already taken care of that. And best of all Wikipedia is free. You can exploit it as much as you want and no one will ask you.

           I am fine with all of that. You can afford such expensive things then you might as well buy them. You have people around you that will be awed by a cool sandals you might as well have them. You want to utilize your favorite information source to the fullest and that is a good thing and it in turn appreciates the work of people who tried to keep it updated. Its okay for a school boy busy in putting something in the assignment to neglect Wikipedia but its not okay for you. You of all people know exactly how resourceful you felt when you reached out for information in Wikipedia so you of all people should support strengthen its roots so that it can provide shade for people in need in future.

           That's right! I am talking about you. Start supporting Wikipedia today and be a part of it! Update info on Wikipedia whenever you find discrepancies and donate to Wikimedia foundation to keep it free and Open! There is still a lot more it can offer you. Have faith and invest in its future!

p.s: most of the things above are what i do but i am sure you can relate to them too!

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