Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cool People Care!

          A while ago...wait...its not a while ago..its like 2 years ago!, 2 years ago i signed up for a newsletter called Cool people care. It kinda has a cool ring to it ! and i care a little about environment..enough to become a Green ambassador actually. It is weird being called that though! If anyone calls me that i immediately compare myself to the green ogre! " funny! so.. " No shutup! i am not telling the similarities!

         I get a lot of newsletters and this guy really gets to me sometimes. I got inspired by him once and ran like 10 rounds around the college ground! The aftermath..My body and I came to an agreement to never do that again!! But i didnt remove the subscription though almost always i delete the mail as soon as i get them. So today i got a mail from this guy asking me to "Care about something in 2013!". So I thought its a good idea and here i am rambling about what i care!
         I will start off with the most obvious - "Family". They were there through my best and worst and i am sure they will be till my last breath. Though when i am at my home all my mom does is shout at me, afterwards i am like - Getout! What caring mom doesn't do that? I care about having good time with friends!
        I am a dog person but my mom freaks, Puppiees - strike! "The planet" - sure, except when i am using the tissues in the washroom excessively! Makes me feel so bad afterwards, but the alternative is worse. We have a family garden anyway! and i always support a good green cause! (there i go with green again!)
I care about "cleanliness" but i will forget the mess caused by the excessive wires i might have. I always use dustbins and I dont ever - ever spit on the road!! (I dont understand whats wrong with those people anyway?).

"Being alive" - Sure, I care about being alive and am not really up to making effort to kill myself by suicide or wierd road accident or whatever which i can avoid! But i am with those guys who thought I dont care if the world ended last year! If its really going to end, you wont have a choice! and if you are worried - stop freaking out and do something about it that lets you have peace with the planet! "Peace with the planet!" - Nice catch phrase huh!

       I care about "Technology"! There is a lot of technology out there from decades that we can use to achieve a lot! But we are not using it! I care about bringing more technology to common use! And i care how people perceive technology too.
       I care about having interesting reads. My definition of a good book is one that will drive my adrinaline mad and also have a good impact on me after reading the book. Reading good books is my way of entering into different worlds! There are times when books and movies had greater impact on me than persons in my life!
       I care about wierd ways people showoff their artistic nature and how people respond to it! I care about the "impact" that i make on others and i hope its always positive. I care about a million other things that i might have forgot to mention but if you comment what you care about..may be i will remember! :)

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  1. I care about People,
    their Feelings,
    The World,
    Family, of course
    My THINGS .

    What I don't care is about myself. A car accident could help, may be. :P #NoKidding. :D

    1. Thinking about others feelings sometimes freaks me out! But i do it anyway!

      The World? seriously! Nothing can be more vague!

      Ofcourse we love our gadgets! We boys and our toys :P
      Hi Five!