Thursday, December 27, 2012

I triumph! I conquer!!

              Age Of Empires 3 - This game was released in late 2005. Now that i think about it i was in 10th class. I played Age of Empires 2 in the 10th holidays, as is the tradition in India to play previous version of the game while the new version is available because the new version is craving all the attention that producers wont care if the old version is being distributed..or so i thought those days. The fact is they couldn't do anything about the peer-to-peer torrent distribution and people who knew about this just made hardcopies and sold them. Anyways..i learned the ways of internet (pirate bay! :P) and downloaded this version during next year holidays i think and was fascinated by the graphics!I even thought this must be the 3D experience! Yesss....those were dark times...and this became my precious and soon the inevitable happened! My system started failing me...believe me it took me ages to determine it was the ram! I knew a few things about using you would know after reading a this is when situation demanded more understanding... i guess in a way it helped me (or spoiled me) love computers (..not machines...absolutely...just this...because i understood there are only a handful of things in my life that i can understand through logic and this is one of them!). So....back to topic...I couldn't complete the game!! :(
Age Of Empires III

             An year after that, gob gave me a boon (...dont get the wrong idea..he made me drop out of IIT coaching and reject AIEEE allotment and i dearly paid for that by having to hear everyone saying i am wasting my capability blah..blah..) and i joined a college nearby which had a peculiar requirement that everyone should have a learning laptop! I love my college for that or else i would never have been able lay my hands on a lappy...well until 4th year atleast. So after wasting a lot of time exploring everything and watching countless movies i came back to AOE3.So, what happened is i just didnt want to run it with out playing AOE2!! How silly of me to want to play a old version of the game that i already completed? i succumbed to my impulse ...downloaded old version and played...and in the mean time...enter the dragon NFSMW....another time about it...but the bottom line is she is my new precious and hours of being hunted by cops made my lappy get blue screen of death! and worse was yet to come...the hot burst!! I was never able to complete AOE2 because it almost always makes me stay for more than an hour in the game and my lappy could only take so much heat :(
              I am talking about all this nonsense because I finally did it! I finally exorcised the long haunting ghost of AOE3!! Hail Trinity!!! Yeah..i am talking about my new laptop powered by dual graphics trinity!I downloaded and completed the three acts of the game in just a week!I am bragging...considering the bandwidth under which i downloaded it.
Finally i can say.....I triump! I conquer!! and the Age of Empires bows to my command! I made the black family proud and guiding them was a lot of fun :)

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