Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mad or Smartass??

     Google says a genius is a person who is exceptionally intelligent or creative. A genius can recognize or create connections between facts, phenomenon, theories and observations that had not been connected before in other people's mind. Who wouldn't want a lifetime of such original thinking? Everyday becomes a new unique mystery to solve cause you are the one making the connections! But, Google only told me what i wanted to think. It missed a lot of other things which Wikipedia (My savior- Jesus can be in any form :P) is sure to cover!
      A genius can be a scholar in a particular subject (like Einstein or Newton) or the individual as an entirety (the people we frequently find in movies ofcourse). I luV the second category. This type are acknowledged by everyone, have an admirable social life and most importantly everyone likes them! Coming back to the first category, its not like i dont like them. I respect them. But, as the Wikipedia quotes ".....genius tends to be often accompanied by a touch of madness.....". There are people who even describe genius as an illness! Not just any people, mind you, these are people who we know as researchers. They say that most of the creative genius  have a gene, neuregulin 1, in common which is also linked to psychosis and psychological depression. The history of these genius reflect loneliness. They are so bright that no one else understands them. They make innovations that will transform peoples life's but they wont be acknowledged properly until they are long dead. They get to stand on top of the world but they always stand alone! There...that is exactly why I have a phobia for the whole 'genius thing'.
         Some people in my batch would say I am intelligent, brilliant, genius. One good pal of mine would even go as far as to say that I am phenomenal and that I am Microsoft material. My project spoc would say that I am a genius in disguise and that if he could pull out half my talent to surface, we could do miracles. That is flattery in its own level. I am like one of those Hydrogen balloons having rope cutoff ( ignoring the part what happens afterwards  ). If you are wondering, I prefer to be a team-player than to be the brain of a brain anytime. But its always good to be acknowledged! Thank You.

Sometimes I wonder, though unknowingly, did he mean I am mad?


  1. Mad?
    I would kill that person.

    And now , the brains behind the creation is someone who creates that the world recognizes and that the world appreciates. It is not always that the talent is recognized long after they are dead. You are an exception. So bring it on and show what you got.

  2. Haha
    I would pay to see that!

    An Exception! Tu mere sath bakwaas tho nahi kar raha hai na :P