Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What is interesting?

       I have been thinking of writing a lot lately. So, I figured I should start once I find something interesting. Here I am, in a MTM (Meet The Mentor) session, bored to death , dragged away from my old friend and isolated from all my classmates. As is obvious,there is a lot of chattering going on around in the hall. Having nothing to do, I idly stare at the faculty that are supposed to control us until the 'mentor' meets us!
        There is this one bizki lead who is counting the number of associates from each learning group that bunked the session. When she is done, she tries to bring pindrop silence into the hall. This is the interesting part. She says something about our ability to go on and on about 'nothing' and asks us to stop it. Its as if nothing happened, there is no response from the associates.
         She then playfully says blah-blah mocking us. Her little performance i must say hasn't gone unnoticed. She has more than half of the associates attention. But unfortunately for her the effect is not permanent (...the things they expect amuses me...). Now, this is my favorite part. She raises her voice a bit and stares at the groups still going 'hush-hush'. No one likes people staring at them. So, they stop. In most of the cases this should work except there are about 7 unyielding learning groups present. She looses the cool, starts tapping the podium pretending urgency & importance. But, duh, we had four years of anything you had to show. She exits the hall unable to do anything else. I must say, she had that coming.
         This takes me back to all those times teachers tried various kinds of tactics to bring silence to the classroom like scolding a particular person, cracking nonsense jokes, being very serious (as in ready to go for the kill anytime :P), distracting us to think about the marks we got in the bundle of exam papers they can what seems like a simple unnoticeable thing be so interesting .....I wonder!


  1. First of all. Welcome.

    That's nicely written and one humorous post as well. Last para was totally funny .... as in ready to go for the kill anytime .