Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fly High!

                 Ever wondered why a lot of people get drunk to an extent where reality becomes invisible, logic gets thrown in the dustbin, health gets flushed in the toilet and they are so wasted that they start boasting about how wasted they are. Not that i had any personal experience but i wondered why would they do it again after waking the next day with a splitting head. It must be the high they get right? How good that the high must have been in order for them to bear with the hangover every time and still do it again? 

                   Don't misunderstand me. I am not going into any drinking frenzy now but i like the idea of getting high. Don't you agree? There are all types of high. Would your opinion still be the same if i am talking about sugar-high? Everyday...well not everyday but every day that indulge your self in that blissful chocolate muffin or a cookie or your favorite coffee latte or masala or pizza, isn't that what you are doing? Next time when you are at coffee day and look at that mouth watering chocolate pastry, will you stop and think that you are getting addicted or will you just take it? I definitely would! I would find a reason to convince my conscience because i want to celebrate my life. Little high now and then keeps me alive. 

                What about adrenaline high? There are a lot of adventurers out there everyday risking their lives in doing something crazy just so they can enjoy the adrenaline. All of them are high addicts right? Would you still say being high is wrong?

              What about success high? A lot of people suffer from it. They do terrible things to win because they cant bear to see others win. But a lot of them also give their all - time, dedication, determination in a good way because of the same things. They really aren't that different right?

              Next time your father or brother or someone demands their regular 10 am and 4 pm tea, would you still say their addiction is dangerous?

             I am not judging all of these as wrongs nor am i supporting all of them, i am just saying to all of those high addicted people that there are different kinds of high to get addicted to. I know its sounds evil, so i will explain with an example. Say if a couple is in deep love and the girl is married away to someone else, the boy have a choice to replace his love-high with drinking-high and become devdas, wouldn't you recommend some other high? After all we are suckers for getting high one way or other. Even the so called saints have disciple-high! Wont you agree?

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