Friday, November 22, 2013

Goodreads reading challenge

      Reading is a very good habit. I encourage everyone to read as much as they can in whatever form like blogs or books or even audio books. A book is like a new world ready for you to enter and that stays saved in your memory (not the particular content but the feel and imagination burst). Even though most don't quite get it its quite enjoyable.
      Recently i feel like i am loosing the touch. So when i stumbled across Goodreads reading challenge i felt like i should challenge myself into getting into the habit again. The challenge is basically you pledging yourself to read 'n' number of books for this year. The more the merrier ofcourse but considering the year is almost up i decided to pledge to read 5 books. So, here goes...

PS:: I will put up the challenge gadget on the blog soon so you can nag me to read more ;)

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