Friday, November 29, 2013

Ender wonder!

As you know from my previous posts about the reading challenge i have undertaken this, i completed the second book out of pledged 5. The book is Enders game. The book is totally awesome. I read the reprint. The author said she modified some scenes but i dont know which but i am sure it wouldn't have mattered. After a long gap ( of an year) i didn't feel like putting the book down till its over. I read it all the way during the journey but even though i was tired i completed the rest and slept halfway between 3 and 4 in the morning.

Considering that by now all the starship scenario is too familiar i still felt its brilliant. The battleroom concepts totally makes sense so sometime in the future it just might happen. You never know right? If it is in foreseeable future i might change my career to atleast work there or even better be an organizer there of the sorts ( not that i can't be creative enough to be a commander but it wouldn't be fair right? ;) ). Oh shoot!spoiler alert!! I recommend the book to everyone, to those with already amazing creativity and imagination, it is a treat. And too all the others it is an aid!

I just didn't like the last name of hero. His name is Ender wiggin! Ender is kinda he is the end of discussion...done deal! But wiggin? Freakin wiggin! And there are 3 of them! Spoilers again!!

Actually i started writing the review but it sort of became a post. Who would need a review when they see the 5 star rating i gave right? I want to read this again but i have 3 more books to read this year. So i will wait! Oh wait! Why not make this book the first to read next year? It would be a damn good start ;)

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