Monday, November 25, 2013

A notable day

As i opened to view any new articles from the people i follow, i found something interesting. Today is a day i should probably remember as a blogger as my blog reached its first milestone i.e, my blog....this blog crossed the 1k visitors milestone. Although this is a small achievement, as a blogger i wish this is a sign of many more welcome surprises. But part of me still doesn't believe it considering the number of comments i receive. So if you are visiting the blog, i would appreciate that you leave footprints to let me know and comment. 
Also i would like to take this opportunity to thank my best friend Ajay who made me start blogging. I do remember creating a blog long time ago and posting the welcome post only to delete the blog entirely later on. Considering how i ended the first one, i should say the main reason that i was able to continue this time is because of his subtle or not so subtle hints asking me blog continuously. He maintains a set of amazing blogs, one for photography, one for poetry, one for fiction and one for just ranting (my favorite). Do check it out. I wonder if i can keep some consistency in order to be able to reach further milestones.

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