Friday, November 22, 2013

Lost and Found!

         I recently felt like i am not doing justice to blogging, and for once i thought i should look for the inspiration myself. So, i visited Blogadda to checkout some top blogs. Here when i clicked on a blog, i liked the post so i wanted to follow the blog and am searching for Google connect app on the right side widget ribbon. Somehow while i scrolled down it is lost between all the blog awards that the writer got. I was overwhelmed considering I have heard of only a few of them.

         "....Of all the amazing things that i discover if only i could be one of them...."

        Its not that i don't like the blog, but that kind of display almost seems inhuman to me an amateur blogger. All blog awards naturally recognize a specializations like an fresh amateur blog or best clicks or awesome literature or storytelling but to have awards from so many categories just how many hours does she have in a day? I figured i should check the kind of topics that she touches, but Oh my God! there are posts belonging to almost all categories that i could possibly think of like cooking, travel, fashion, lifestyle, fiction, reviewing, shopping, celebrity talk, comics,...what not?

          Although i got no idea about any kind of inspiration for my next blog ... or did i?...i now have a great respect towards all bloggers and somehow i feel a little proud about being a blogger myself..not that my posts are in anyway comparable to theirs..but a man can try na? Anyways you can follow me and a million others that you like by clicking the above icon.

So i decided i am going to explore more blogs to discover many more awesome things and who knows i will share a few with you my visitors too! 

P.S.:I said visitors because the traffic i am seeing on my blog does not correspond to the comments i am receiving but i really want readers so if you take some of your time to read why comment and let me know about it? 

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