Monday, November 25, 2013

PULSEating first step!

            Finally after a long time, i came back to my reading spree. I just completed another book named "PULSE" although it took more time than i thought it would...2 days is not that bad na? 

              I want to be true to the reading challenge that i undertook 2 days ago and here goes my first book. That means i already completed 20% of the challenge. Now i have to select my next books. I have some e-books piled up for the same, so i will check some reviews and pick one soon. I am planning to read a book every week so there is no hurry. 

           I remember when asked about in class (graduation), a very small number of people read books. Well, not that its weird because everyone has their thing...for some its cricket, for some music, for some like me its manga and books. What i found weird was most of these book readers said they read it to get good vocabulary. I mean come onn...if all you want is vocabulary, why go to the trouble of reading an entire book. Books are not meant just for that right? you can buy an oxford dictionary and get started if that is the case. I am sure its more productive. The main thing about reading is to be able to enjoy it. The intense feelings like suspense, sadness, all that funny giggling flows into you as if you are there in the book with all the characters. That's what i love about reading.

cork wine stoppers
           So anyway in this book, the lead character has a weird hobby. He collects bottle caps...weird right? No matter how the author make it sound sexy or sentimental about it....i mean they are bottle caps?? and what he does with it?.....he plays cap in the pot with it! May be i missed something important because this book is a sequel to another book called "COLLIDE". But surely it should have been a little more interesting like collecting corks as in wine that's an interesting hobby. I mean wines aging from a decade to a century are often used considering all these bloody lead characters are billionaires to boot...i wish i could be a billionaire just to collect those caps :P . OK, I decided! I will collect corks of these lavish and respectable year's old wine's when i have a chance. It is cool right? Every one cares about the 100 year old champagne that the winner of lets say an F1 race celebrates with but nobody cares about the corks na? Although i wonder just how many will i be able to collect considering not many drink and those who do don't really care about quality...certainly no one i knew had atleast a 10 year old baby (i mean you know 

         You talk too much! when was the last time you had wine? Oh wait! was there ever one??

Ok! I confess i never had wine. The kind of upbringing that i had certainly forbids me from even touching one but hey I consider myself broad minded you know. I mean they wouldn't mind if its given as a suplement for aneasthesia or something right? what about all those mexican dishes that always need some kind of wine as an ingredient? I even read its good for you, stops several types of cancers, even remove kidney stops. If you want you can check here , here and here for starters. Sure it should be taken moderately. But you know why people in India who drink act like asses? because the forbidden fruit is always too sweet and it effects badly if not taken moderately.

But what am i talking about again? oh yeah the book....there is another interesting thing in the book. The lead character - Blake always uses it. Its a simple game called "20 questions". Although the situations he used it in is weird but the concept is quite good. You know how a lot of people suggest us to count backwards from 100 when we divert our attention and it never works.....well, this works. But it requires two to do it. You ask the other one completely random two choice questions and the other answers with an explanation and now its his turn to ask. Like pop or hip-hop or something like that. I am looking forward to try it and see if it really works. 

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