Monday, November 18, 2013

Chromebook a thing?

            2 years ago when Google announced chromebook concept, i was startled. I mean just look at it..chromebook is always connected to internet, and all its applications are on the cloud only and it isn't known for its huge hard disk. Considering the best kind of internet that everyone uses is a 2g only, using it as a backbone for marketing strategy confused me a bit. So i figured it will disappear soon. Imagine my surprise when i read an article about how chromebooks reached top 10 best selling electronics.Even Wikipedia says 
Samsung Chromebook"the Chromebook line is probably the most successful Linux desktop/laptop computer we've seen to date" , so i researched what brought the change.
1) Most of software engineers cant keep themselves away internet for long naturally so most of them have usb dongles any internet is not a problem with them
2) On the go marketing people and such always need a way to get latest info before a meeting and a way to give a cheap and affordable chromebook with good battery is the best choice for them
3) Many schools are providing "Computer Training" for schoolkids as advertising stunts and the most they show is how keyboard works and open paint and word applications and show how to use World Wide Web - Google and Wikipedia at most
4) There is always more information on the web than any (well..most anyway) library that a school or a small institution can maintain so it is only natural that they use these chromebooks that is basically limited to everything web
5) With most 3 or 4 year kids wanting to have ipad as a trend it wont be surprising if they give a chromebook instead - cause its cheap, and many flash games are addicting - and it will definitely last longer than any tablet because they always throw things
6) Blogging and socialnetworking - those crazy bloggers go anywhere to blog interesting things. Although they can use their smartphones, it can never replace the comfort of a full sized keyboard.

These are good enough reasons for a market to exist anyway but the practical cons are most chromebooks are so slow that most people get easily frustrated and you cant play better games graphically! It is a serious letdown for me so i will wait another 5 or 6 years.

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