Friday, November 22, 2013

The forbidden dream?

         Ramappa is born in a hardworking potter family. The craft being in the family is the only thing that he knows. He is uneducated , unambitious, doesn't crave for the world to recognize him. The only thing that matters is that he can maintain a livelyhood through his job. He is known around the town for selling pots and nothing else. At the end the pottery didn't matter much. Its his means...and by  all means he only intends to use it for that and only that. He loved his family...he enjoyed teaching his son pottery...he never cared for the rest of the world...and he is happy. 

       Ofcourse, he is from another century. Is something like that really possible now-a-days? Can anyone be happy by doing something that is so small when compared to other things? No...i don't think so! Because ramappa never compared himself to anyone else not because he dont know about them but because he is satisfied with what he is doing and have no reason to compare...why should he? Can we tell the samething about us? Lets see....when i am a small kid who is refusing to eat, my mom would take me to the balcony or roof and show me cars on the road and say.....look at those shiny beautiful cars, you can go anywhere you want zooooooom...and now i sure want to but it costs real money that i might not be able to comeup with. Should i be sad and depressed because of that? 

      A feature show is running on TV about space exploration, so suddenly your parents would stop you from doing whatever it is that they are doing and tell you to watch it. After that they would tell you how there are so many beautiful stars in the sky which are nothing but solar systems from far beyond and how we can be an astronaut and step on the moon or a scientist and try and discover new things that will make us famous all over the world or make living on earth atleast a little better. Beautiful dreams...all of them. I liked all of them, some more than the other. But i am none of them now. Should i be unhappy about it? knowing that i am not what i dreamed to be and lament that i am another 9 to 5 fancy robots that are abundantly seen these days or should i be impressed by myself that i have grown my conscience 1000 fold and am able to realize realistic dreams and plans? But why do those unrealistic dreams still seem fab??

     While I dreamed of getting an Audi, get the damnest super computer rig for my gaming vice, get a bungalow that awes the greatest designers of the time, be known among my circles to be the most wisest and considerate and all of those good qualities, Ramappa only dreamed of being happy and his life has been a dream come true has it not? So is he more successful than i am? 

     While we are in a time where our parents gave us freedom of all the choices, the choices are still meager realistically available ones. Sure if i am to go back in time and make those choices again i would have choosen something else for obviously i am more aware and wiser. Knowing that should i leave my life in regret? may be i wouldn't have become this aware if i made those should i be contempt instead?

     But no matter what i become in the future there is still that version of me that i could have been and he is a tempting mistress. In the end is the freedom of dreaming just a forbidden dream?? The more aware i am, the more questions remain unanswered...i am jealous of you ramappa even though you are just a figment of my imagination!

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