Monday, November 25, 2013

Had i looked back - 100 words on a saturday

         Had i looked back i would've seen my father regret his fury, 
                  the kind which prompted him to shoot himself.
         Had i looked back i would have seen my sister-in-law accidentally die from misfire, 
                  the consequences of which bought burning sadness on her son and the rest.
         Had i looked back i would have foreseen the unintended mental destruction my family underwent for 25 years, 
                  the kind which i would never have let them face alone for even a second.
         Had i looked back, I would never have left!
                  How i wish i could go back in time!

(The above post has been written for Write tribe's 100 words on a Saturday 's prompt " Had I looked back" which has been given by Nischala who blogs at Verve. )
P.S. This is my first time writing for Write tribe. The concept is from the telugu movie "Attharintiki daredi".

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