Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Tiger and the koi fish

              It's just like another day in the streak all except for the hunter. By the time everyone noticed he was too close and the tigers ran in random directions. Ever since that day he tried to find the streak again but in no vain. There are too many dangers in the forest for him to face alone. Scared and soul less he walked to the pond where he found a koi fish roaming here and there in the clear water not at all concerned by him. This made him burst with irrational anger and he roared and tried to frighten the fish by clawing it. The koi fish noticed him and became still. 

            He watched it watching him and decided to wait to see what it is going to do. The fish just jumped out of the water high enough to make his surprised and anxious face look up and hit him in the face. He was taken aback! Just what does it think it is trying to do? This is its foolishness and means sure death. But as he watched he noticed it didn't quiver at all even though it knew it's life is being sucked out. Is it trying to tell me something? An aggressive statement perhaps, to be strong no matter what the circumstance. He pushed the fish back to the pond thanking it for the valuable lesson. As the fish swam back his confidence returned and fear vanished! He drank water and searched for his streak to find it later that evening.

Picture credit: Daeisy

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