Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Eagerly welcoming the new year!

Oh! Finally!   Good bye 2013!   Welcome 2014!!

     Didn't think i had say something like that but having had a shitty year overall it is now a pleasure to say this :) Damn last year (2012) was too good in comparison!!

     In all these years every time the 31st of December  comes, i try to recap everything in this year and see what i wanted more of and what i wanted less of what happened that year or what i had that year which is of course followed by some kind of resolutions that i would be sure to fail. Especially the ones that i am serious about on the new years eve. Let me see, the last year the one resolution that i thought i should strongly follow is waking up early  ( i mean like 7 30) which obviously didn't fare with my habits at all. So this year i decided i wouldn't make any resolutions but just live that day in whatever way i wanted! oh wait! This seems like a resolution i can actually follow. 

     The first half of this year passed by too quickly in work and the second half too slowly in that i fell sick. Now that i think about it in a way it actually balances huh? But still i would have preferred a rather normal speed life and some memorable legendary moments that i would actually remember later on! 

     So coming to more and less account, lets see...i want more fun and less sadness, more accomplishments and less expectations, more exploring beautiful scenaries and less risks in it (last week when i went to a bridge nearby while sunrise i saw a bucket load of mosquitoes ready to attack and ran from the scene literally. I have become a little more health conscious huh!), more yummy recipes to taste and less money to spend on them (....surely a man can hope), and definitely more blogging and reading and be more magnificent (if i can manage) and less dreaming about it (....isn't this already becoming impossible? ), feel alive in more moments and less disappointments of all kinds, more careful investing money ( if i can manage to think with this grey matter of mine) and hopefully less mistakes while doing so, be more helpful to others and me if possible and less of a pain in the ass which i am sometimes, more elegance (one can never have enough of that) and less embarrassment, be more calm in the mind and less killing others (in the mind! :P) and finally more naturally eager in new things to learn!

So please O please 2014 be legendary for me!!

I wish you all a very happy new year and may your year be legendary too! :)

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