Friday, December 6, 2013

Treasure in the Old mansion

The treasure -  A wednesday prompt

I knew bringing professor Agasa to that parent's meeting was a bad idea. As soon as he heard of the Detective Boys club he had wicked ideas running over in his mind and now i am stuck with these three. A treasure hunt in an old mansion? Seriously? He probably came here last night to set up a fake treasure. I bet the treasure is a bunch of candies. "We are almost there. That one building over there is what i am talking about! The owner was a farmer and a friend of mind. They say that before he died he hid the greater part of his treasure somewhere in that mansion because he didn't want his criminal son claiming it by inheritance and surely he died when his son is still in prison. After he got released, the son stayed here only for a week and left the city to do farming in their family land. so as the owner's old friend i became the guardian of his house. I am sure you boys will find that treasure!" said professor Agasa. Everyone is exited except me ofcourse.

As soon as we entered the mansion, there it obvious...Its 10 30 in the morning but the main clocks showing 6 30 and that too the minutes and hours hands coincide. Let me see what is right under the clock. Its a puzzle ( quickly putting the puzzle pieces together ). It shows the direction of left but there is only stairs there. Lets see what the upstairs is like. (runs upstairs and checks all rooms and stops at a room). Looks like this is the only room whose entrance coincides with the arrow direction. ( Enters room and takes a look. Everything looks dirty except the study table and on it a toy aeroplane ). The aeroplane when looked from top view is an arrow mark so that must mean there is something under the bed (Hidden under the bed is a treasure box. He dragged and opened it). Stuffed toys huh? 

He put the treasure box back and started to come out of the bedroom but something didn't feel right. He looked the room once again. Only this time he found something written on the ceiling. The words were stuffed and formed a rectangle. He checked the racks to look for a mirror. There are none except the one hangin in the room right across the bed. He began to come to a place so that he will be able to see whats written in the mirror. Upon adjusting he found himself lying on the bed, head to the pillow. Its perfectly visible when you sleep on the bed. I see may be that is why the son left the mansion. He couldn't stay here after having to read that everyday.

The writing read,

Forgive you, I might,
When you can prove your might,
show me that i am right,
that i can entrust you with my scythe.

So that is why the son is farming now to prove his own worth to his father. I called professor Agasa and others to show them what i found. "Oh! That treasure is not true after all", he said slighly dejected. So he was expecting to find the real treasure after all. But i still think there is treasure here. While telling his son to be a farmer may be the father's true intention but i dont think he would've said "when you can prove your might". It almost like he is asking his son if he can grom some plants to prove he can.

Wait!Thats it!!! He wants his son to grow some plants where he hid the treasure. And seeing how he is rewarded with the treasure the son would take it as a sign to be a farmer for the rest of his life! yesss....I should do some digging in the backyard! Surely after some digging here and there, there it is, the treasure box, the remaining riches of the father, the treasure!!


The above post was written for write tribe's wednesday prompt - Treasure . I took inspiration from a manga that i read - Detective Conan . He is a highschool detective who gets stuck with kindergarden children (he becomes one) . Do read if you have time and please comment if you like the post! 

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