Monday, December 2, 2013

My grand weekend!

                 I am almost sad the weekend trip is coming to an end. That is if you call a 4 day trip a weekend trip. Add a day and it might as well be a full week trip right? If its from Monday to Friday that is! But who would make a Monday to Friday trip when 4 more days can be easily added anyway? Unless of course its a business trip but we are talking about a weekend trip. Are there any weekend business trips? I have never heard of one but who knows...mans greed knows no bounds right? You could say that's too much to say about someone working on a weekend but we software guys love our weekends too much to make them business-useful! I suggest there should be a law about it :p

           Oh!wait..back to the current trip..that is my trip that is about to end. Its about to end! Whaaaat? Well i liked it soo much so...saying it twice surely wouldn't make it continue....yeah! I guess..sigh! You were saying....?? Oh yeah! The weekend trip was good...i got that already! I might have to kill you if you say it again... I was about to say why when you rudely interrupted (...adjusting throat ) need some help? I can strangle you if you like it? No thanks! I like my blog be blogged by real human being rather than an alter ego or a ghost. Like thats gonna stop me? Aren't you a handful? (....looking intensely murderous...)

             So about the weekend ...(...feigning disinterest...)... Since its an unplanned journey i had to travel in daytime. Since everyone tells that night travel is best, i took them for granted. Maybe its so if its a bus but since its a train i thought otherwise. Because during night journey everyone is in a hurry to sleep that nothing really happens but this day travel lets us actually talk a little to co-passenger's. But that's not really why it felt good. It felt good because i get to read! During my graduation, i was always able to read a book that i started to the end till i could read. Doing anything in between didn't feel right! But these its become so hard to keep my concentration on reading for the duration of the book because i was getting distracted a lot. I am not sure if its because the books got less interesting or the distractions became more important. So you see the journey during which there is no cell phone signal and hence no calling or texting, no movies to watch well watch comfortably anyway, is perfect for reading books. This combined with the kind of books i get to read is what made this trip special. The first was a marvellous fiction called Enders game about which i already wrote in my previous posts. The second was a book called Chasing Air. When i saw the cover and book name, i didn't know what to expect. But it was rated 4.5 on Amazon so i took it on a whim. But since its a new book, the ratings couldn't be trusted you see. Even if the ratings were true that wouldn't mean i had like the same things everyone else likes so....there were no expectation except one i guess. I wanted this book to be good because i didn't want it to let my Goodreads reading challenge!

          About the book, it was an easy read. The first few chapters were too easy even like a pre-teen language almost but of course the content later on is not so pre-teen or teen. There weren't many twists in the story and also some plot emotions were too artificial like the text is screaming.... (**drum roll**) now its this characters turn to be the person chased by demons of its past.... Also the funny thing is the significance of the name. Surely everyone expects things linked to the name should be awesome but it is just a silly dialogue of heroine which hero remembers and makes her chase air by skydiving with her. Well i expected more although i like skydiving and scubadiving. They are pretty high on my To do list goals!

             Besides the books, very rarely i haven't been that disappointed with myself. Not disappointed but just didn't regret anything. I wasn't that active to be called hyper or that inactive to be a bore. Took some initiations well appreciated by my family and i got to enjoy it too! Believe me, they rarely intersect. Did i say how the stars lined up and i got to catch the train just in time, i almost didn't believe my luck! Being lucky is new and feels good! I wish the streak continues :) so many words ;) 

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