Sunday, December 8, 2013

And....Capsicum it is!

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I have been in Chennai for an year now but still i am angry at myself for not knowing it better. I can point everything i know in a single para! Don't believe me? Let's see..

There's this nice burger joint in Chennai central though not world famous but still satisfactory and a 'ok' sandwich point nearby and Hotel Saravana Bhavan where there is supposed to be the best sambar in Chennai only i didn't notice it previously but the last few months i couldn't climb the stairs so still sulking for not tasting it. There is also a Thalaipakkatti joint but its is in no way comparable to the quality when i had it in Venkatnarayana rd, Tnagar. Then there is Barbecue nation on the other side of the Tnagar bridge where my friends forgot to mention me about a party since i was working hardcore till 10pm daily. Ever since i am trying to find a good excuse to go there sometime but haven't found any. Near it on the main road there is Murugan Idly hotel in front of which there is a mix-fruit drink stall, the best i have had in years. The best sambar i have had till now would be in Annapurna mess somewhere near Tnagar bus terminal and then there is hotel Buhari for a decent egg biryani on a Sunday afternoon near Audi showroom in west cit nagar. Then there is this best shawarma joint in south west boag road better than the one i had in Pheonix mall in Velacherry. In Thoraipakkam, there is Satpura - one stop parotta mall. And that's pretty much sums it!! You agree right? I infact don't know much! 

At first i thought i should write about what i liked about the above mentioned dishes but after trying a little i found i couldn't possibly do justice to all of them and it will definitely be a long post and half of my readers..that's.. you would lose interest before reading it right? So i decided i should consider just one but am no where near picking one of these. In the end i decided to start thinking about what dish i like the most not just in Chennai and then it hit me. Ofcourse, why didn't i think about it earlier? You see, about two or three years ago i fell in love with Capsicum! When i was visiting a relative of mine in Bangalore i picked it up in the market and from then on its a rollercoaster. I wondered at how i liked all of the varieties that were made with it. How could one vegetable be so awesome? Its the special ingredient of a sandwich (well! Home made one's anyway), Its tastes so good when stuffed and burnt or chopped or fried or cooked and i wouldn't know what else!

Capsicum heaven!

Thank you Corinne Rodrigues for making me realize this through your prompt! Now that i realised, i googled it and found its used most in a lot of awesome Mid-eastern dishes as you can see in the pic above. If you want i have piled up some of these recipe's here and i intend to taste each and every one of them. A quest for a life time! :D


Picture Credits : Wikipedia,, , hark

The above post was written for write tribe's Festival of words - Day 2 prompt Food-food.  

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