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Scrambling memory!

I have been blogging to Write tribe prompts recently. Though not as soon as the prompt comes up but before the deadlines anyway. And then this Festival of words came up and since i currently have no work i decided i should follow the week long daily prompts and come up with something creative. But, every time i come up with an idea, i would soon feel that is not so good and we are back to the start. This post took as long as one and half week to come up with. So i dearly hope everyone likes it and at the same time i am baffled about how i am going to come up with anything at all for the rest of the prompts. Here goes nothing! The prompt is "Recalling memories" for Festival of words - Day1!

Write Tribe


It was 11 pm.

The grenade goes off right behind the target and kills him instantly. But Muzammil couldn't get proper cover in time and the blast hit him hard throwing him away. The blast envelopes the room, smoke coming out of everywhere. In the scary dark night, the blast lit like an Olympic torch as if signifying the beginning of an act to decide the fate of billions of people . He hit the wall and is knocked out. If he is not dead by the sheer force of the blast, he is going to die of inhaling that smoke. And the worse part is that he is unconscious to even fight it. His country needs him, now more than ever, but there he lay unconscious.

Just then, as if his fate called upon him, three men with big beards and rifles in their hands burst open the door and are searching for survivors. They quickly carried him downstairs where 2 other men stood guarding and together they disappeared into the secret tunnels. After an hour, he slightly regained consciousness. His whole body is aching, especially the back of his head. He tried to reach it but couldn't. His hands are tied behind him. He thought of standing up but nothing happened. He can't feel his legs at all. He tried to open his eyes but everything is blurry. His mind is totally blank besides the pain. He couldn't think anything at all. His memories seem to have vanished!

Soon people noticed his frantic breathing and surrounded him asking something loudly. He couldn't understand anything at all. But he can hear some noise with blank gaps. His memory is blocked totally. The blast must have affected his hearing and memory or damaged it entirely.  He fell unconscious again.

While he is unconscious he remembered a part of a conversation

..........Now i know for sure that you are an Indian undercover agent  ( Urdu..)

After that he woke up panting and looked around. As he saw their faces he remembered they are a group of Al qaeda terrorists. And then it came to him that he is a part of that group and he yelled at them.."Why did you tie me up? Omar is an Indian undercover agent and i blasted him to hell because of that". The group muttered among themselves for a long time. They weren't expecting this at all. They were actually planning border shootouts at India so that the peace between the countries gets disrupted which will in-turn result in an emergency meeting for president. The terrorist group planned to blast the whole building to kill every member on the meeting. Then Osama bin laden would take over the country and wage nuclear war on all its enemies. They have already moved their troops to border patrol wiping out the real border patrol at few places already and Omar lead the attacks on some of them. If what Muzammil tells is true, then they might have to execute the plan before schedule!

"What do we do with him?", one of them said.
"Knock him out while we confirm this and inform our brothers. Jihad!"
They knocked him out and one of them went to check Omar's belongings for anything suspicious. Upon receiving the information, the other members decided all possible outcomes. If the government by any chance knows about this, they will definitely wait for the attack to capture all of them and all their effort would be for nothing. But they have planned everything and can't let it go to waste. Even if it means sacrificing some of them, their leader must be alive to take their ideals forward. And so they decided to move their leader Osama to the secret base. In the mean time they found something suspicious in Omar's belongings and decided to trust Muzammil.

They gave muzammil some treatment while he is still knocked out. He is now in bed. He remembered the same conversation but this time it is more clear.

Omar: Now i know for sure that you are an Indian undercover agent
Muzammil: So what? you of all people can't do anything about it. you thought i didn't know?
Omar: I already gave the location of the secret base and they have scheduled an attack at 1 am and all i have to do now is to make an emergency and your dead body will suffice for it
Muzammil: you can't do that! I have duties to my country too
Omar: But my objectives always comes first to me!

...with that omar tried to take his pistol with silencer out but muzammil reacted instantaneously reacted and carefully hit the back of Omar's knee so that he would loose balance. And in that time that omar tried to regain balance, muzammil pulled the granade pin and dropped it and began to run towards the door when the blast hit him!

The memory totally shook him. So both him and Omar are undercover agents working for their own countries! He woke up with a jolt and looked around. A familiar face greeted him and said everything is alright and that they are executing the border attack in an hour. He is overwhelmed by the consequences of what he said previously with out recollecting everything but didn't show it in his face. He faked to rest and began thinking a way to stop the attack. Then he remembered how Omar said they planned an attack on the secret base. He is determined to use the America's attack to delay the ongoing attack on India.

"But how??.....yes! i will do that!"

It is 12:30 am.

Muzammil got up, took his arms and said "I will see if everything is alright!" and went to their base where he found Farookh, the Intel and communication head checking all the details of the attack. He silently locked the door shut and came behind him. He put the silencer on and killed Farookh from behind. He then took control of his comm and issued new orders to the terrorist border troops which says that the Pakistan military troops are forwarding on their west and plan to sneak attack on them because of a leaked Intel. He then ordered the other terrorist border troop to assist the first troop in the attack.

It took at least an hour for them to realize the trap and by then their leader was dead and chaos spread everywhere. He used the chaos to sneak into the Indian embassy and relayed the info to alert the military. America attacked the secret base and killed Osama at the decided time. He succeeded in saving his country just in time! 


Every day a lot of soldiers put their life on the line to protect millions of innocent and unaware people of such dangers. I wrote this post in honour of those heroes whose stories we know of and whose stories we might never come to know!

Please note that this is a total work of fiction and the names used here are but some names i know and not racial. So, did you like how memory or lack of it lead to evading a major war in my dream world? Please let me know through your comments!

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