Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Confusing stance!

           Finally, i found a way to put the Google's friend connect back! You see previously ( before an year) i have not explored other blogs that much. You could say i wasn't ready, because i didn't take blogging to heart or else i would have known the importance. So a few months back when i started blogging again, i revisited all the gadgets that i had to remove some if unnecessary. I didn't want the page to be overloaded with them. That's when i was introduced to the Google plus commenting system and the new Google follower's gadget by Google of course. It made sense to me. Everyone i knew or who read my blog would have a gmail for sure and since Google took the pain to bring G+ profiles mandatory you could say i was kind of expecting everyone to use these gadgets more than the old Google friend connect. Because you see with friend connect i would be able to follow other blogs like a feed reader but with G+ follower's they would directly get a notification about the new post. Since Google inserted this notifications into all its product's, i assumed it would be easy this way. So i removed Google friend connect and put up G+ commenting system.

         But boy have i been wrong! As soon as i started reading other blogs more frequently i noticed everyone didn't think like i did. Or may be they did but got cold-feet at the first sign of trouble and left it that way. You see its a problem with people during transition. Google didn't want to integrate existing commenting but created new one because its light and have a lot of strong points and also they want people to embrace it leaving the old system to ground so others wouldn't have a choice but to follow. But when they actually tried it, since both the systems are not connected, the reply to comment alerts on old system stopped working. They didn't want to miss important notification even during the small time of transition.
          Well i put them because change is always inevitable and in the long run it will always be good to adapt. But since i am blogging regularly for the past few weeks i am getting cold feet because there is no rise in visitors and people who are visiting aren't leaving commenting. So how am i to know if its working or not?  So proud me started thinking of reasons ( read excuses) for why this is happening. So i figured Google friend connect might be a reason as so many people are used it and didn't find it on my blog. But imagine my surprise when i couldn't see the old Google friend connect anymore! Then i thought they are totally removing it and left it as it is but the day never came. So i googled to find a way ( silly me...didn't even think of googling it before) . so you see i got the Google friend connect back! (**drum roll**). But there is still another problem. The blogger commenting system! Should i go back on that too? But i liked it...it instantly shares to my profile and anyone who receive my notification will get it. Since i have more G+ friends that have me in their circles than my blog readers, it is somewhat important. So i checked if i can put both of them since someone mentioned a way to put both of them. But i already have facebook commenting enabled, so that makes two already. Adding another would totally be a over effort really. So i am in a fix!

.....If only everyone changed to G+ comments along with me...

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