Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bing's sake!

I am quite puzzled while thinking about the Write tribe's Festival of words Day-4 prompt 'music' and as usual my mind became blank. So I shut my computer down, closed my eyes and tried to think about the song that i would appreciate myself for sharing with my readers. A few songs competed but this one came on top! You see...i almost came to tears while reading the song. Yeah! you read it right. I read the song before listening to it and it moved me like anything. To grasp the song you should definitely know the context, so i will try to explain that as briefly as possible.

The protagonist is a member of Rumbar pirates who are known for their music and singing songs. The protagonist especially even fights with music. Don't question the realities here as it is the #1 work of pure fiction and fantasy all over the world! They are on a mission to conquer the worlds toughest ocean called grand line where great treasures and legends are said to be present. On their way to entering the ocean they meet a school of whales of which a baby whale named Laboon gets attracted to the songs and their non-stop singing and follows them. Since the journey in the Grand line will be quite dangerous for such a small whale they decide to depart with it ( They consider him part of their group because he understands human language and intelligent enough to grasp meaning of actions that humans do ) with a promise to return after successfully travelling all the way around Grand line.

During their adventure they encounter enemy pirates who wipes all the Rumbar pirates out. So everyone is going to die except the protagonist because our protagonist Brook ate a cursed devil fruit which lets him have a second life in exchange for not being able to swim. In the last few minutes of their consciousness they sing this song and record it in hope that Laboon gets to listen to them for one last time! Laboon is still waiting for them even after 50 years and Brook didn't forget their promise. ( Don't be shocked by the skeleton...that is our brook with his second life ).

If you read manga of course you would have known about OnePiece. But if not you can read it from here. The series is still ongoing! You will be glad i recommended it!

Credits to Fruit-fragrance from deviant art


                  I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 8th – 14th December 2013. The above post is written for Write tribe's Festival of words Day-4 prompt Music .

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