Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The problem with business listing

When i got a job in Chennai, i was totally freaked out. I didn't know tamil for starters and i wasn't sure if the food will be ok. Unlike experienced people joining, we freshers do not have comfort period to look for apartment's and hostels. Lucky them, they get about 7 to 10 days of corporate guest house facilities. But i had to report and go on foot searching for hostels and pg accommodation. But ofcourse since a ton of us fresher's get dropped at a time, information was passed quickly and it became a little easy to find them. But soon i was asked to go to another branch! What am i to do? I checked company portal for accommodation listing but couldn't find any. So i tried business listings like justdial. It saved my day..true...but i couldn't find what i was hoping for. After looking for a day or two i thought to myself there really no place where i can expect good cleanliness, moderate furniture, comfortable bed and spacious almarahs ( not even rooms )? And i adjusted with the best option available. 

The truth is there were places like that but there was no direct networking to such places. Unfortunately word of mouth can't reach everywhere...atleast not in time! Another problem is what i faced today. When i went accommodation hunting with a friend, we reached a place where we were asked to wait 10 minutes to meet the manager. During that time we met some people already staying there and chatted a little. They said about available facilities which are impressive like geyser, free WiFi, sofa, tv and all only the twist is they also told that they had been robbed of valuable things and are planning to leave that place too. Had we waited for the manager we would have surely taken that accommodation but the consequences might have been bad. The main source of income of business listing is the paid reviews and ratings. We once tried to put a bad review only to find it goes on a loop of moderation and never gets published. I guess they were paid to do so! Since these free listings give heavy competition to paid business listing they would be easily closed down right? Wish there was a middle ground between all these where ultimately the common consumer wont be disappointed!

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