Monday, January 20, 2014

My preciouss (brain) !

            The other day i read a haiku ( you's past 12 and all X) :P ) which i didn't quite understand but part of it was about this disease named Alzheimer. I have come across that name quite a few times, mostly on TV on this show "Boston Legal" if you have seen it. So it piqued my interest and i looked it up on wikipedia and boy was i frightened. Of course i am, i mean the early symptom for it is bad memory so of course i am scared. Actually that was an understatement. I am not joking around okay? go google "Alzheimer" and see for yourself. The disease basically eats your brain up and you know what i thought when i read that? I thought, "It's okay. so what? I only use a small portion of my brain after all, right? I use less even when compared to other normal guys. I mean they say Einstein used only 5% of his brain, so what am i worrying about anyway?". But then it said by eating the brain it means decrease in neural activity and not the quantity of the actual brain. Damn it! I wasn't kidding when i said i use my brain even less than the average after all. But the thing is, i am somewhat lightened by what i read next in the prevention section. Well, it does say there was nothing proven but this AD is usually delayed in people who have good brain activities like doing a su-do-ku's or puzzle's or playing games, or writing blogs even. All the creative stuff that we actually do in our day to day life actually contributes to preventing something that scary. So if you don't want to be a living dead body or can't think about leaving your care takers in such an awful situation, start doing something crazy. Have those new experiences. Enjoy that life of yours to the fullest for happiness increases neural activity and depression decreases it. Be a little more crazy and most importantly STOP BEING DUMB! It ain't cute! or as you see good for your health either!

Protect your PRECIOUS brain!

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