Monday, January 20, 2014

Sleep blogging!

              Today as usual i woke up not wanting to get up. There is a reason for that. You see, in my dreams i remember things, have a photographic memory and always, i mean always, i am in the middle of something crazy and amazing. That and i always keep my cool and know exactly what to do next. Ain't dreaming a bliss. I mean i get that in life that is probably what i want most, well who doesn't? Sometimes i feel like may be there is a hidden meaning in all of that. You know like stuff that we come across everyday comes together and blows your mind - sort of thing. Like a bike number or a password, i mean today after i woke up the dream faded in seconds but there's this string 'Ti 12 aL' that i didn't forget. I am sure it's something important but have no idea what so ever what it is. Stuff like this is one of the reason why i understood Inception when i watched it for the first time itself! And stuff like this is what makes me wish i could blog while asleep. Don't you see how amazing that would be? It's like saying all the stuff you want to write but just not out loud. I wish sleep blogging is a thing and i am guessing in about 10 years it might be a reality. Mark my words. Heavy research is going on the brain's activity. Once it's demustified, this kind of thing is super easy. Oh!Wait! That world is super scary too.

           Talking about movies, i was quite surprised this morning to find that a Tollywood movie reached heights that i would never have imagined possible. '1 Nenokkadine' movie got a rating of 9.2 over  some 10k votes! And people are saying that it even beat 'The Dark knight' rating. Couldn't believe it so i went to IMDB to check it and..

          I am literally speechless but also dumb struck. Don't get me wrong because i loved this movie. It has elements of creativity that i wished Tollywood movies to have for a very long time. So it is sensational and all but we are talking about THE DARK KNIGHT here. Well it's just 10K votes but the fact is i don't want to down vote it either. Because this movie is going to be an inspiration of a lot more creative movies to come.

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