Thursday, January 16, 2014

New office - New Job ( kind of ..)

         Today (...yesterday when i started writing but felt too sleepy to continue..) has been a day of surprises. The transfer process is still not complete but i reported to the project anyway. The Deccan park office isn't half bad but definitely better than my old office. Its actually shaped like a butterfly in that the top view of the building resembles the front view of a butterfly. May be i shouldn't call it a butterfly. How about a crow? you know, how we used to draw it when we were children. Three crows by the sun....always :D

       Buy! This brings back memories. My sister is always the expert at drawing but i think i am ok too. We both went to a nearby private institute for learning how to draw or rather I tagged along with my sister. Actually i didn't draw much. I mean he used to give some what complex assignments to my sister and i get to draw rectangles and circles. I don't have to tell you how petty children can be but i wasn't complaining actually. And i drew what my sister draws in a competition and got second prize. My sister couldn't enter the same group because of age restriction ;)

       What am i talking about again? Oh! The building...The wings are called petals and the view from my floor is awesome. Finally I get to have a coffee machine at my workplace! For 3 months in Trivandrum, i got addicted to it and having to break the habit really took a toll on me. It's not like i can't have coffee but if you have tasted them you would know kerala's coffee beans are in a different league altogether. CCD is good but i can't go spending all the money i earn on coffee's now can i? But now, i have a Coffee machine! How can i be so exited about a coffee machine and not the project? Yeahhh! are wierd! So What?Big deal!!

        There is another reason why i am not that exited about project too. Firstly my job is not permanent for about 3 months or so and you see my new job involves quality assurance and stuff like that. While testing is one part, i have to follow up on every issue towards closure and in a developer point of view - Be a nutcase! Considering i was a developer till now, i have to play a different ball of catching up with mails which is boring. Wait! Who am i kidding? I am always to new experiences and its time i tick off some one else XD (wicked grin ). 

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