Saturday, January 18, 2014

My first story in Hyderabad

            Did i tell you what happened the other day? No? Wait i did. But i forgot this. On my first day here in Hyderabad, from the reporting details i got, i just had to ask for Tcs in Madhapur. Since the cities are kind of known by auto wala's, i didn't think twice. But, as luck would have it, while i was waiting for auto a cab stopped and asked me if i had to go somewhere. He was going to have lunch and trying to earn the meal by me and some others on the way with out the knowledge of the owners. So, i thought why wait when god sent me the boat and got in. Which boat you ask? Let me tell you a short version of that story too.

           A small town gets flooded and a man who is a great believer asks god to get rid of the flood or come get him or he won't move from the terrace. Soon the flood got worse and in the mean time several rescue boats passes by asking him to get him. But he rejected them saying God will come to rescue him. Aaaand he died. When he asked god why he didn't come god replied that he came in the form of rescue boats and all but he just didn't recognize god. This story! Ring any bells?

        OK so i got in and said the same. Tcs in Madhapur. He nodded and off we went. And he stopped at some place saying this is the last stop of Madhapur. I was dumb struck here. If he didn't know the address why didn't he say anything? So there i am standing and feeling like an idiot that i am for not waiting for auto when i saw somebody and explained that i was new here and asked if he knew any TCS ofc nearby. He told me about one in Hi tech city which i know is not the one and told him so. But then he looked around and saw an it guy ( you know with a tag and all ) in this awesome Harley Davidson bike and stopped him. Told him about the situation and asked him if he knew. But he said he had no idea and 'but' again but this 'but' is nice, he said he will enquire about this and take me where ever the office is.

           We stopped at a few Tea shops and enquired some It guys and voila its on his way too. Beautiful gesture don't you think? On my first day here! It can't be coincidence.. I did the right thing coming here after all.

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