Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hum ban gaye Hyderabadi!

         I might have mentioned this in my previous posts. I got transferred to Hyderabad, finally, after trying for about 2 months. Not that i am complaining because, lets face it, who doesn't want to be on bench from time to time? Or is it only me? I hope not. Please god let there be some lazy people like me or i will die in an ocean of discipline-ness. You get what i mean. Wait! Do you? Because a friend of mine posted an experience of his with people understanding his tone of sarcasm. When you watch a lot of movies, that kind of thing comes naturally to us right? But i understood sarcasm even before 'watching a lot of movies'. So i too take it for granted. Am i wrong? But then again, where is the fun in writing if sarcasm is not allowed. If you ask me, the thrill of understanding sarcasm makes writing all the more enjoyable. 

         As i was saying or more like 'about to say', this is my first post in Hyderabad and today is my first day here and I am already late for reasons i still can't come to an agreement. I mean i got project mail approval and all other approvals needed but my resource manager still didn't confirm my request officially and i am supposed to print the transfer letter that i would get after it to my new project. It's been pending with him for about 6 days and when i reminded him today he said he wont be available on phone. Now what am i to do? It already noon. I will be damned if 'I' get scolded for this. 

         Some of the people i read are challenging themselves to blog a day for the whole year. I really appreciate you guys. I wanted to do it myself but i am really bad with commitments that although i prepared seven posts for a full week, i didn't publish the last two posts. That is exactly why i took the No-Resolutions-this-year resolution and hence i will try to stay away from challenges but i will definitely post more frequently this year. Hey! I did complete the Goodread's 2013 Reading Challenge. Oh, Well!

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