Wednesday, January 22, 2014

When in a pressure cooker....

      A fellow blogger asked a question on her blog here. What she asked was..

What do you do during tough times to stay positive?

           To tell you frankly i don't always stay positive in such situations. And i don't believe anyone who says otherwise. It just means it wasn't shi**y enough for you to reach that stage. I had experience of that stage too. From what i understand, every one freaks out before they reach that stage, and hence have the toughest times of their life in terms of psychological pressure building up in you. But one has to understand that, the tough times are gonna be very stressful and a pain in the ass to deal with. But the tough times are those that you just can't deal with fairly. So the first step would be to ignore that stress. That will help a lot. You should listen to baba Ranchodd das..remember him?

           I usually deal with stress by sharing my situation with like minded people that i know. Surely, when i can't think straight i would listen to someone who i think thinks like me ( when i am outside the stress zone ). If there comes a situation where i can't do anything to make it better i will become crazy, do stupid things go have those yummy deserts and finally admit to myself that i can't do anything else and start think about what all the things i should now give up hopes for and be prepared mentally. Surely one or two among the list will not happen and then it won't look that bad! But ofcourse, it's easier to talk about stuff like this!

           And if your friend or some one you know is in a stressful condition, stop preaching and listen first. Seriously, one has to know their cue!

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