Sunday, January 26, 2014

Surprisingly surprising surprises

                     Last night i went to receive my brother-in-law from Airport and was window-shopping while waiting for him when i came across an interesting shop with a tag line "Surprisingly surprising surprises" and called "Oyehappy". You see, sometimes when a person comes from abroad after a long time, not just their immediate family but a lot of relatives also come to receive them. And there, out of boring formality, they spend an awful lot of money in the floral shop. Instead, this shop help's make the receiving-part a little more exiting by adding a little drama to it. They have various plans. The basic one was to buy a surprise-gift with some interesting miss-u quotes on it and the inside of the box is a surprise ( even to you! if you are buying it ). Another one is if there is a big family waiting, they will print custom message on a banner of about 15 meters length which is nice, interesting and formal way to show affection. There is one other plan that i like the most. A person wearing teddy bear coat will be beside you and when you recognize the person, the bear will hold a message board, go give it to him and give him a bear hug and embarrass the hell out of him :P After a long flight, don't you think getting hugged by a teddy bear lifts the spirits a little?

                 Besides the fact that not many people here in India show affection publicly, i like the idea of adding fun to receiving someone. Because if you waited for an hour for someone you would only be thinking about how to greet first and all and this is better than any of those. I hope there are more of these innovative initiatives!

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